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  1. Salah eddin Tolgui Diz

    Its more like teen Wolfe serie

  2. Daniel araujo Diz

    I saw Lockheed there with Magik / Illyana, and he's alive and breathing fire 😱😱😱

  3. Hollywood World's Diz

    Omg… what A Trailer…💜🔥🔥 I'll definitely Watch this movie in theater.. when it'll Release… I'm Super Excited 🔥

  4. Sahanaz Parvin Diz

    this is a boring movie.. cz we can't able to see our those heroes who are our the real x men

  5. Charles Gaming Diz

    Is xmen marvels?

  6. Κέλλυ Κύρου Diz


  7. Richard Maisu Diz

    Yawn, boring looked like everything I've ever seen before.

  8. Adrian Santoso Diz

    I don't understand

  9. Rayyan Fuzail Diz

    This Film's Producers: *Find a scene not good for one second
    Them after that: This little maneuver's gonna cost us 51 years

  10. Skankhunt 420 Diz

    Was that a lightsaber?

  11. David Watson Diz

    The trailer looks amazing. I can't wait until it's released in theaters.

  12. Yeet t Diz

    Eh Idk maybe it’ll be good, but I like the old x men when xavier, magneto, mystique, wolverine, and others existed.

  13. Mr. Stupid Diz

    this looks awful

  14. Yah Rastafari96 Diz

    They mean the 2 wolvez right?

  15. Mr. Jay Diz

    thyeve worked so much on this film men lol If it bombs Im gonna feel their pain too.

  16. John Tencza Diz

    My hair is turning gray and I’m saying to myself Mutants? What’s that?

  17. Bobby Knuckles Diz

    Looks like a spoof movie

  18. ALo 7 Diz

    Welp Atleast we get to see something new, 20th century studios!

  19. kanzai zodiak Diz

    Is there any nudes in this movie?

  20. Qwerty D Diz

    The opening scene is bad. Truly awful acting from the dad 😐

  21. Daniel Pam Diz

    What have they turned x men into?

  22. Dkool kool Diz

    I wont be surprised to see Spiderman, Iron man, Superman, Thor and Thanos fighting along with Wolverine, Magneto and Dr Xavier.
    Release date in 2035 but leaked version (with deleted scenes) already seen in 2020.

  23. EDX ZEL Diz

    I wont trust movie trailers anymore. 😭

  24. reginald allouchery Diz

    That videogame looks really low budget.

  25. Hensley Vlogs Diz

    Wtf apocalypse Corona just had to mess this amazing opportunity of the new mutants 😩😭😭🔥🔥

  26. Nehemiah Rogers Diz

    That was wolves, not bears. It's creepy niggas in vents, this finna be lit. Eyeless monster niggas, too. They got Demon Bear, too. This finna crack.

  27. King of Videos Diz

    I really wish they kept the single take camera approach for the entire part.

  28. Grade E Quality Diz

    Wow this looks really bad

  29. I Love Food Diz

    I am from the future and this movie gets released finally by the end of 2021

  30. Robin Tomášek Diz

    Oh no a dead parent HAVEN'T SEEN THAT BEFORE

  31. ExoTikSalSA Diz

    so were all in agreement this movie looks like its gonna be a pile of steaming hot shit

  32. Ethan Fecht Diz

    Actually looks really good

  33. That's Rich Diz

    Hate to be that guy, but the acting of the dad seems… pretty bad tbh

  34. nrick24 Diz

    So is this gonna come out or nah

  35. Slow Ford Diz

    Me : How many movies are you planning to produce?
    20th Century Studios : Yes

    Subscribe (only if you want) it's free ✌️

  36. Jay Obrien Diz

    Looks better with each trailer. Why hasn't this really been released 🤔

  37. Prudensity Diz

    The father actor is kinda bad


    Fuck china

  39. CrackHead Energy Diz

    can you hold the camera still for just a sec?

  40. Rob W Diz


  41. Anup Negi Diz

    They should make 5 mintues trailer evry week…then might be we can compelete this movie till next Christmas 😂😂😆

  42. Arrajani Diz

    Are this mutants part of MCU?

  43. Amir Hoteit Diz

    Villeicht hatte Corona doch was gutes… 🙄😂

  44. Spacetime Journey Diz

    You know, I am starting to believe Marvel just hates the X-Men. Why don't they just do like the Avengers and stick to the comic book storyline! X-Men were my favorite comic books even over the avengers but the movies just suck! I have an idea, have the avengers producers start making all the X-Men movies. Get rid of everyone else!

  45. WeatCoast Review Diz

    Isn’t it there’s two wolves not bears

  46. B T Diz

    I lost interest of X-men movies after they made the old professor and Wolverine died… new actors and actresses don't fit well for those characters.
    I want the old folks back!



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