WONDER WOMAN – Official Trailer [HD]

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Fonte: Canal do Youtube de Warner Bros. Pictures

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  1. Urjja Sharma Diz

    It gave me chills when the Wonder woman theme song played in the end😱😱😱

  2. Joseph Lowry Diz

    I'm here not only the trailer of the sequel but also DC Fandome.

  3. Lanzhan Weiying Diz

    Great movie

  4. theglimmerman Diz

    DC Fandom baby! Nearly here! WW84! Cant wait!

  5. Priya Sawant Diz

    Who the fuck disliked this💣💣😤

  6. Razak Idris Diz

    first film is better than sequel, awesome trailer but bad movie review & waste your time to watch it.

  7. Aditya Jagtap Diz

    Can't wait for DcFanDome

  8. Nikki Nguyen Diz

    Day job "Secretary" side job body guard lol 1:14

  9. Knut The Great Diz

    Why the fark did Robin Wright and Connie Nielsen get such prominent billing? They were in the film for about 5 mins!! "Starring"? Gimme a spell. I guess they did good deals 🙂

  10. Vera Henning Diz

    I always feel like Gal Gadot and Chris Pine would fit prefect as Jack and rose in the movie Titanic

  11. fobgod_edits Diz

    Hey guys i am from future…she is the best wonder woman ….

  12. Ari M.P Diz

    Anyone in 2020

  13. shruti x29 Diz

    One of best DC films I’ve ever seen ! God is a women 🙌🏻

  14. Siva Shankar Diz

    She definitely don't have breast…. But still looks perfect…. That's the power of gal.

  15. Arbaj Khan Diz

    Why this movie not available in hindi

  16. The Bops Diz

    AWESOME movie. Steve should have kissed Diana on the runway before boarding the plane. Diana could have been pregnant with Steve's bay at the end 🙂 They could have done more with their relationship!

  17. Queen Brianne Diz

    Brie Larson new song check it out 😘

  18. Diana Riverjackson Diz

    This was a good movie

  19. Rushi Mandhare Diz

    Gal Gadot is Wonder Woman and Wonder Woman is Gal Gadot. 😍

  20. Rahul Aryan Diz

    This soundtrack mindblowing and more. Wonder woman superb…

  21. Joey Jerry Diz

    If there’s one thing DC does better than Marvel is female superhero-led movies. Seriously, I wish Captain Marvel reached this level of goodness.

  22. Amitodhan Chinchkhede Diz

    Damn m!!!!! Guys background music at 02.05 to 0.2.11 whoa;!!!!!
    It doesn't need any words to describe what it is!!!!!

  23. Philorok onFilms Diz

    What an amazing movie, as a dad of 2 girls, its brilliant to have a movie like this for them, perfectly portrayed by Gal Gadot, not every girl wants to be a Disney princess, and its awesome.

  24. Shayan Dey Diz

    Only love can change the world 🙂🔥

  25. 10 M views Diz


  26. Efrain Junior Diz

    2004-2006-2017: Susan Eisenberg
    2009: Keri Russell
    2016-2017-2020: Gal Gadot

  27. MGstaR17 Diz

    A perfect woman in a perfect historical atmosphere. 🙂 The best DC movie ever!

  28. chubby Diz

    Wow, why does this comment section feel so weird?

  29. animation's Diz

    ⮚ Wonder Woman 1984 (2020) ⮘
    WATCH HERE ► ► jack-wonder-women2020-4k.blogspot.com
    This movie is one of the best and most thrilling movies ever. I had my entire body vibrating and shaking starting from the cartoonist's investigation start and that basement scence and the following were amazing
    Just a best movie.

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