Us – Official Trailer (2019)


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  1. Drop subscription… In my channel

  2. CripticYeah says

    Is it weird that i got a us ad before the video

  3. Batman g4m3r says

    I'll never look at the mirror after this

  4. Burnt out Since 96 says

    Isn’t this just the naruto episode where they have fight against themselves?

  5. Blue Mulsanne says


  6. Skorpio Savage says

    thought that was Tyler Perry

  7. Jasmine Williams says

    Throughout all the comments I didn’t see anyone mention the fact that all the characters of the family had clones of them that haunted them, wow everyone is so happy to see black people in another horror and overlooking the fact that they are only warming us up to humanism and cloning.

  8. khadar movie mix says

    Hi. I downloaded it because it is creative commons. But when I uploaded it in YouTube, I got copyright and disabled monetization on it. Why?

  9. CaliHustlah916 says

    Should be just called it Get Out 2, looks exactly like the movie, but boring, should be PG-13 Not R, more like a comedy movie, just my opinion

  10. Dan c says

    When you run out of "when you" memes

  11. Dan c says

    When shes says shes home alone

  12. Dan c says

    When your mum says shes cooks chicken nuggets

  13. Chaos Commando says

    This is actually terrifying.

  14. Jacques Media Reviews JMR says

    I didn't even need to watch the trailer. I'm already hyped for a new Jordan Peel movie

  15. ancientarrow says


  16. Leora Sanchez says

    Is it me or this had A twist

  17. lili mae says

    i first saw this trailer in the movies and it made me cry out of fear.. like i wasn’t actually sad but i just didn’t know how to feel. i’ve never felt an emotion like that in a trailer, this actually had me terrified.

  18. Jeffrey Richardson says

    eerily creepy

  19. Alif Zahir says


  20. another youtube channel yt says

    0:27 they got us all

  21. Claudia Mounga says

    what if the only way to kill them was to kill themselves 😱 because it’s THEM

  22. XenoGaming says

    So nakia left tchalla for mbaku moved to the US and started a family?! That’s tuff

  23. Love, Bekki Kayy says

    It's a No for me… 0__o

  24. The Proud Family – The Movie

  25. Princess Wolfy says

    If you wanna get crazy.. we can get crazy ._.

  26. Ash Ole says

    "from the mind of jordan peele"
    like shyamalan.

  27. Eth says

    You know at the end of this movie the main characters are going to win but PLOT TWIST ONE OF THE MAIN CHARACTERS WAS THE DOPPLEGANGER IN THE LAST SECOND

  28. Allison Smith says


  29. Diego Rincon says


  30. Westside Strong says

    If Get Out was good this will be even better

  31. Ilias Ilias says

    Fffffffffffffuuuuucckkkk this movie's gonna be Good. Thank you mister Peele for another masterpiece.

  32. Hipster B says

    Okay, I've viewed this trailer multiple times because I'm trying to convince myself that I'll be able watch it at the cinema. Unfortunately, no amount of watching makes it any less terrifying. I'm officially spooked.

  33. Matt von Yedvay says

    The Amazing World of Gumball episode where they are trying to get rid of their copycats by killing them. Gone horror. Spot on.

  34. LivDoesIt says

    Best use of a song in a trailer. well done. nice slow down on the five on it beat.

  35. jordan air says

    Holy shit

  36. pupa wes says

    very creative

  37. Jason Rougeau says

    I'm happy about his success and glad to see this new film but LISTEN TO ME JORDAN, do not allow the financiers to typecast you as a director.

  38. Royalz Reign says

    The devil issss A LIAR💯

  39. Samuel Cartes says

    Wow really good acting

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