Top Gun: Maverick (2020) – New Trailer – Paramount Pictures

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Fonte: Canal do Youtube de Paramount Pictures

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  1. たけ Diz

    How many times should I watch this short movie by December!!🤪

  2. Juniorboy 18 Diz

    For the first time I watch top gun today. OH MY GOSH I need to see the sequel noW!!!!

  3. fastacker2 Diz

    Whenis release now?

  4. Nextcore Programming Diz

    should release for free its the least they can do

  5. Red Oz Diz

    Trump needs to make sure this is released at least one month before the election. It will boost patriotism.

  6. Marc Mazza Diz

    This was post to be out a month ago! Been waiting for so long!! Now here we are with bullshit covid19!

  7. wishu rathore Diz

    0:50 But that's Russian. Pugachev's cobra

  8. ruberllan torres Diz


  9. William Diz

    I think the only CGI in the film was to erase the flag of Taiwan. Hollywood would never displease their masters like that.

  10. Qiming Hu Diz

    Tom cruise+ US navy= perfect match
    The best actor in the best army of the world, who can resist it
    ❤ USA from China!

  11. alkhalifi Dzikri Diz

    ⮚ Top Gun: Maverick (2020) ⮘
    WATCH HERE ► ► https://t.co/Y4s3fbB8ep?Top-Gun-Maverick-2020/kangen

  12. ebuz218 Diz

    I fucking hated TOP GUN back in the 80s, but I'm sure I hate this one even more!!!

  13. !ともちゃ Diz


  14. Raptor Games and blogz Diz

    Epic my favorite jet

  15. Matt Sprayberry Diz

    Not only will I have to wait to December to watch this I will still be forced to pay full price wear a stupid FUCKING mask and probably not be allowed in due to the social distancing BULLSHIT.


    June passed, no topgun until December! Fuck!

  17. B ma Diz

    Is that SR71? The last one

  18. Anon ymous Diz

    When he heads to space thats sick

  19. The Purifier Diz

    Bold of this movie to assume Covid bitch ass 19 will be gone by the time 23rd of December is here :3 💔

  20. William Venner Gaming // WVG Diz

    If Kenny Loggins doesn’t have music in this we riot!

  21. Ram Bhattacharjee Diz

    When releasing? If in NetFlix it would be better

  22. CooManTunes Diz

    This was a great movie! Goose made a comeback and ended up being Maverick's nemesis. Chas made a return, as well, and confessed lesbianism to Maverick, who vomited. Looking forward to Maverick the Gun 3!

  23. Courtney Diz

    Remember the hot sex scene in the first one to that amazing lurrrve ballad 🎶”Take My Breath Awayyyy uh-huh” 🎶 We gonna get something like that with Jennifer Connelly and Tom Cruise? 🙋🏼‍♀️ Yes please!

  24. aing abi Diz

    📺 <titled> top gun:maverick 2020 full movie




    Leurs états de santé

    respectifs les empechent

    de s'approcher trop

    pres l'un de l'autre.??

  25. hi u Diz

    We could be watching this right now if not for covid19


    They should've used F-35 or F-22 😔

  27. Coughtry Industrial Diz

    Due to covid-19, this feature will be postponed indefinitely.

  28. The Driscoll family Uk Diz

    Check our video out for great family fun !!! 😂😂. https://youtu.be/82G_iZ6fYBk

  29. Ken MacMillan Diz

    Tom Cruise is in the back seat of that fighter.

  30. Scott Patnode Diz

    Buenos suerto, mardicons!

  31. Scott Patnode Diz

    Maybe I should start to lie??!!

  32. Scott Patnode Diz
  33. Scott Patnode Diz

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  34. Scott Patnode Diz

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  35. Scott Patnode Diz

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  36. Scott Patnode Diz

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  37. Scott Patnode Diz

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  38. Scott Patnode Diz
  39. Scott Patnode Diz

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  40. Scott Patnode Diz

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  41. Scott Patnode Diz

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  42. Scott Patnode Diz

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  43. Scott Patnode Diz
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