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  1. Great Wazzoo Diz

    Spoller Alert: Beatrix (The Bride) dons her yellow tracksuit and samurai slices both their heads off!

  2. Summer Vibes Diz

    Dam that wife of his really asking for more money huh

  3. fazz furry Diz

    Good to see the old dudes are alive and kickin'…..and gettin' they asses kicked by some kids too. This could be Grown Up's: The Later Years XD.

  4. Aky Morales Diz

    Only In Theaters, good that means no one will go and watch it.

  5. Dave Munsie Diz

    De Niro wanting dinero. meh… I'll pass.

  6. Ravina Ravina Diz

    Pubg Lover Like Me

  7. Daveyboy _ Diz

    Jane Seymour was a fox back in the day.

  8. Analia Guerreiro Diz

    Im in

  9. MrWebby93 Diz

    Part of me is sad to see actors legendary like de Niro and Walken doing movies like this, the other part of me is impressed with the cast of adults they've put together.

  10. David Davidsonn Diz

    soon to be dead actors, still trying to make a dollar

  11. EllisAgain Diz

    America is done with DeNiro. He hates America. Will never see another film with him in it, will change the channel if his image comes on. He's shown us who he is.

  12. Mr T Diz

    Deniro is trash.

  13. Gir Doodie Diz

    There had been many of these in the past and they get Cringer every time

  14. PurpleNurple Diz

    Well … it’s official people. Robert De Niro’s career was finally removed from life support. Co-staring with a child is the last move of a desperate actor. So sad watching this pathetic old man threatening the president with violence.. like a character outta one of his lame mob movies.

  15. Mr Blue Diz

    Looks like your typical family comedy. I shall think about it. I am glad I avoided Dirty Grandpa. De Niro did have a come back with The Irishman and Joker.

  16. ska¡¡a ¡¡a Diz

    is that "dr.quinn, medicine woman" ?!! 😂🤣😅

  17. markoescorpio21 Diz

    song name please?

  18. KingGodTravis Diz

    Yea me and my kids going to see this 😂

  19. Four Th1rt33n Diz

    This looks funny. Still not going to the theaters though will wait.

  20. Daniel Hunt Diz

    Who was waiting for a Russian roulette reference.

  21. D. McElroy Diz

    This movie looks good

  22. aomesthetic Diz

    2:05 awwww The Godfather 😍😂

  23. Jerry Jazzbo Diz

    YT censors any mention of the actor as a P E D O.

  24. Charlie Krinel Diz

    I am here because of the OneWheel crash. 2😂2😂

  25. AtD3athzD00r Diz

    Totally thought this was a sequel to Dirty Grandpa 😂 Looks great though, excellent cast, I’m sure it will be hilarious

  26. Vasile Ciungu Diz

    Good new family comedy movie, it remainds me of Denis The Menace movie 😄

  27. Chance Edwards Diz

    I love the Godfather reference at the end! I also loved this book when I was a kid, very funny!

  28. Deandre Watson Diz

    That scream at 2:04 cracked me up🤣😂🤣😂

  29. Syaifi Masdjur Diz

    I love it

  30. Nick Flowers Diz

    Michael and Nicki back together again!!! If you get that reference you’re a legend!

  31. Aditya shrivastava Diz

    Fun fact: this is Robert de Niro in real life

  32. K Sozo Diz

    Dinero hasn't been funny in a long time.

  33. Kyle Oxenham Diz

    From the director of Max Keeble's Big Move, Garfield: A Tale of Two Kitties, Alvin and the Chipmunks (2007) and Hop.

  34. Sean Quinn Diz

    Omg, I knew this was coming. It's been in pre-production he'll for a while for obvious reasons. Looks worst than imagined!

  35. DAT BOI Diz

    They still make these kinds of movies?

  36. juneaug Lok Diz

    Idiots: De Niro plays always the same character of gangster

    When De Niro plays a character in light-hearted fun movies, Ohh it's one of those quick paycheck movies for him, he is phoning it in..blah blah blah.

  37. Joe pwrsurge Diz

    They still let him around children?!?

  38. noremaC Diz

    Grandson: “How bout another joke Murray?”

  39. Oleg Plakhotnyy Diz

    Absolutely awful. Who watches this crap?

  40. David Diz

    the grandpa cinematic universe is getting better

  41. Grand Imperius Diz

    naw this should be on netflix

  42. RamshackleRozza Diz

    It just gives me Daddy’s Home or even The Spy Next Door vibes and I’m extremely uncomfortable

  43. lakshmi pilla7308 Diz

    You put a dead horse in someone's bed you get a snake.

  44. Ricardo Bravado Diz

    I've really missed Christopher Walken😂😂glad to see him

  45. not paris hilton Diz

    lmaooo that godfather reference at the end

  46. kahmaalblake6 Diz

    That Rush Hour theme song tho at the end 🔥🍻

  47. RodeyTM Diz

    Lmao, that Godfather scene in the last.🤪

  48. Jing Ouano Diz

    we need a Robert De Niro grandpa everyone ..

  49. Wizmo Diz

    my god this looks just absolutely awful , like you will for sure be dumber and worse off after watching.

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