THE SUICIDE SQUAD 2 Official Teaser Trailer (2021) Sneak peek

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  1. Alexus Young Diz

    I cant tell if its gonna be better then the first or it's just gonna be less shity. I'm just gonna wait to watch it.

  2. Dan Farrell Diz


  3. Jayliah Johnson Diz

    Murdoc what are you doing here???

  4. Jack Daniels Diz

    I could watch a 2 hour film of Margot Robbie doing nothing but just smiling at the camera.

  5. AnimeMangaViewer Diz

    Did they really put Harley in a dress so they could do an aerial shot of her being a bad ass spinning top of doom? (This looks like a fun movie)

  6. Night Rider Diz

    Looks like a bunch of colors n nonsense

  7. josette franklin Diz

    Where’s will?

  8. EditoRot Diz

    So it's that bad hah?

  9. Shrimp Gang Squad Diz

    Bruh this was looks lamer than the other one

  10. j s Diz

    📌 ♠【JACK_MOVIE$】♠ ⮘ f'u'l'l M'o'V'i'E ⮘
    ᴡᴀᴛᴄʜ ɴᴏᴡ ► t.co/kOjuUFTxiX?the/suicide/squad/jack

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  11. Kate DeLaughter Diz

    ah yes, the iconic pedophile returns to direct yet another superhero flick.

  12. Dev Bake Diz

    I just saw a floating suit ???

  13. Celevision Diz

    DC grew a brain. Hoping for the best….

  14. warren dsøuza Diz

    O–hhh dear can't wait to see Pete on fire 🔥🔥🔥 🥵🤩🤩

  15. Gabe Chavo Diz

    Another flop

  16. El Apache Diz

    Damnnn… most of the original characters ain’t there… Captain Boomerang, or Rick Flag 😭👀

  17. Anarchy Diz

    I kinda like this 😂🤩

  18. Retro Dealer 64# Diz

    It's just going to suck like Part one just a little less Maybe?.

  19. Aléxis d'Almeida Diz

    Again? This is exactly how the marketing for the first one went, everyone praising the movie before it came out. Lol

  20. Kayla Diz

    John Cena followed me on Twitter I can't wait to see the movie!!! 😌

  21. Kaden Christmas Diz

    I’ve came here just to see will smith and I can’t find him anywhere😭😭😭😭😭😭

  22. Kaden Christmas Diz


  23. Dean Winchester Diz

    Is Deadshot a no show or is Idris Elba the new Deadshot?

  24. D00NBU66Y Diz

    This will be riddled with cheesy comedic lines and end up more of a Kickass 3

  25. b no one Diz

    I wish james Gunn didn't direct it, he is so gross. I don't care if they were old comments talking about how you like little boys to touch in your private place.GROSS, but I guess for directing a bad guy movie he is perfect, but they could of picked someone from jail if they wanted a realistic direction.

  26. Jacob Greenburg Diz

    Why not show fillionnnn

  27. Akash Yuva Diz

    Bore to watch without will Smith 😔😔

  28. Joaquín González Diz

    earfquake tyler

  29. daniel valentino Diz

    Wow. This looks awesome. DC should just only hire Marvel people to do their movies

  30. Sam U. Rai Diz

    Hold up, so this one isn't woke and won't suck? Bullshit I don't belive you. Change my mind.

  31. Severo Mateos Diz

    I'm kinda disappointed where's the old squad Harley, enchantress,deadshot,killer croc, captain boomerang,and flag I might like this movie but im not sure

  32. Tomuko Suryadi Diz

    Lots of marvel cast here? What happened?

  33. Nope And nope Diz

    DC just can’t make up their fucking mind can they

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