The Punisher Season 2 – Official Trailer (2019)


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  1. Mark Jones says

    I watched the trailer and i figured out every I ne already except the girl thats what makes shows so obvious

  2. Matt 85 says

    So far disappointed in season two 🙁

  3. Phillip bob john says

    Yo wtf why is jigsaws face clean

  4. Timmy Maher says

    Omg…that AIC in the trailer was too good!!!!

  5. Raven says

    One batch, two batch…

  6. Ricardo Pineda says

    That alice in chains remix was SIC AF!

  7. Tryhardblackguy says

    Lmfao Jigsaw looks too damn handsome for a guy that his face was smeared on a broken mirror.

  8. Mr. N says


  9. Batu says


  10. pablo chiarelli says

    The Punisher vs Solotov

  11. halodude723 says

    What's the song???

  12. Kerry Geiling says

    Nice choice on alice in chains!!! Can't fucking wait!!

  13. LibertyHillBily says

    Alice In Chains brought me here.

  14. brandon littler says

    Fuck with frank castle and youll go head first into a sink…

  15. Theoret1cal says

    Why disable the likes and dislikes for some videos?

  16. Jason Gelardi says

    Fourth horseman.

  17. Benjamin Carr says


  18. zoom right says


  19. Parker Mead says


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