The Boys Season 2 – Teaser Trailer | Amazon Prime Video

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Fonte: Canal do Youtube de Amazon Prime Video

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  1. James Saroka Diz

    BINGEING Season 1 is a requirement. Season 2 looks inappropriately perfect. Please, continue.

  2. Zion Newkirk Diz

    How many episodes is this season gonna have?

  3. Eden H Diz

    At 1:21 Is it Hughie?
    SOMEONE thought it like I do…….

  4. Gdawg1728 Diz

    Honestly this trailer in my opinion is better than the official first one that music and all the scenes just hit different

  5. Mythlover B Diz

    Honestly this is the best use of “We Didn’t Start the Fire” I’ve seen in a while. The editing and camera shots make it so epic.

  6. Pshepyoor Diz

    Great news after amazing new seasons of Doom Patrol and Umbrella Academy 🙂

  7. The Boys on Amazon Prime. The Snyder Cut on HBO Max.

    We‘re technically going to have two Justice Leagues on a streaming service.

  8. Ronnie Jusan Diz

    butcher is such a daddy

  9. Furloughed Film Talks! Diz

    Check out our final trailer reaction here! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UfR-uv_DMjI

  10. Jayden Rocha Diz

    U know what is the scary part that this is what superheros would be like if it were irl

  11. xxskullxx1000 Diz

    Yes more Billy Joel!!!

  12. Lucy M Diz

    I cannot take that title seriously.

  13. Imam Mulya Azra Diz

    That's my favorite film, the boys season 2 there's gonna be homelander built

  14. Not gonna lie, this season looks like it's badass. I'm fully invested in this show's story.

  15. Anurag Pandey Diz

    Everyone:- What's the new plot??
    Amazon:- You'll love it.

  16. Ulrich Sanchez Diz

    Is the new intro going to be like the a teams?

  17. the webster Diz

    A month is enough time for me to gather a seasons worth of snacks

  18. Da Best Dryer Sheet Diz

    Where can I find the remix of the song

  19. Jerry Hernandez Diz

    I hope they don’t bring that feminist bullshit and ruin it, although it looks pretty good so far.

  20. Elite Naveen Diz

    Superman + caption America = Homelander

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