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Fonte: Canal do Youtube de The CW Network

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  1. Daisy Diz

    wow so excited to see that nothing has changed and this show still looks awful 🙂 cant wait to see what women they hate crime and never face consequences for!

  2. Christina Schram Diz

    I love Billie as Death

  3. Christina Schram Diz

    Wow I'm gonna miss these guys

  4. Zenicul Diz

    started watching this show when i was 7 now i'll be turning 21 the day it ends. crazy

  5. RPostVideos Diz

    Just think… Covid-19 kept Supernatural around a little longer! The only good thing to happen because of this stupid virus.

  6. saru bambam Diz

    hopefully they give us a ending that wont leave us disappointed

  7. Băbescu Sara Iuliana Diz

    Mom ,pick me up , I'm scared 😭

  8. Mehmet E Diz


  9. SonOfABachelor Diz


  10. huckleberry friend Diz

    no😔 Supernatural ending no..😔😔 but then i pacify myself ‘don’t cry because it’s over, be glad that it happened’ this is very true for me. this show changed me.. i got perspective n spirit..it’s not just a show it’s a way of life🥺 the void will not be easy to fill can’t believe i’m so attached..everyone seems speculating on ending i’m just cherishing what is left n somehow know that Supernatural won’t disappoint..it might be heartbreaking..it always usually is but it’s also always healing..my i better end my sentimental rant😪

  11. Kewpie83 Diz

    So many feels!!!! I'll miss this show!

  12. Júlia Lovato Diz

    I mean… that hurts

  13. Reap3r Diz

    😥 "BUTCH & SUNDANCE"😢😭

  14. Lisa Margosian Diz

    if one of em dies i will never forgive y’all

  15. ricky to Diz


  16. Malak Alatoom Diz

    I CANT. i stopped at 0:08 and i cant watch it. maybe i’ll watch it on tuesday/my first day of school if i get bored

  17. Jerilyn Cullers Diz

    I’m going to cry like a baby when thE last episodes come out

  18. MrAlex 83175 Diz

    0:43 Bobby is alive?

  19. Mitch W Diz

    Just sitting here waiting for October 8th… Nothing else really to do…

  20. Madison Pompeo Diz

    I swear y’all if this ending is as bad as the vampire diaries one I will be very very sad 🥺🤞


    Noooooo supernatural is ending!!!!!!

  22. JugSoda Diz

    I dont like how much Billie is featured in this trailer. I wish we still had the old death, Billie doesnt really do anything for me.

  23. JasonXME Diz

    1:00 I love CW theme song. Dare to Defy for Supernatural.

  24. estreetbandfan1 Diz

    Two benefits to the delay: the final season is lasting longer, and it gave the writers extra time to tweak the final episode and hopefully make it even better

  25. valntyne Diz

    0:51 ok is it cas or dean screaming?

  26. William Raphael Diz

    Brasil ta sofrendo

  27. Justin Carter Diz

    This god isn't the capital G.😂😂😂


    Am Not Ready, Am Just Not…..

  29. Denise van Wijk Diz

    0:16 Looks like a weird mix between the Anti-Christ and young Dean

  30. Kevin Watch The Light Diz

    I’ve been watching this show since I was eight years old bro, Ive practically grown up with them and I love it so much and I’m trying to be ready for the end but I’m really not😭😂 I’ll never forget it tho, love you SPN fam🥺❤️

  31. Kara Nebesnaya Diz

    Your time is out, Supernatural. I’ m not excited anymore

  32. Umbra Diz

    0:17 BEN??!?!?!?!?!??!

  33. Em Diz


  34. Rohitashwa Ghosh Diz

    It will be awesome if Chuck explains how He made all hunters forget the fact that demons flinch at His name. Just to keep the "show" fun for seasons to come.

  35. flintlypop Diz

    I've watched this show since 2014 and it has been the number one ever since. I know the end is coming, but I don't want to lose my boys! Please, no-one die and let's have the Winchester family stay together 😭😭♥️

  36. Korradoar Diz

    I've actually come back to this series. Please. Do. Not. Screw. This. Ending. Up.

  37. Nero Jay mabutwe Diz

    I really dont get why God gets to be the bad guy….but hey

  38. Bruno Marana Diz

    Wondering if the darkness is gonna showed up to help lol.
    Any thoughts?

  39. Jyoti Singh Diz

    I am not crying, you are.. types while crying I just cant believe that the end is so near😭😭

  40. TWCOMICS!!! Diz

    It’s crazy to think that the show was originally supposed only last 5 seasons. Now here it is about to end on its 15th! I’m saddened to see it end but also glad too because they’ve had an awesome run and they’ve done everything they can possibly do, and all good things must come to an end.

  41. God in black suit…. The true devil..

  42. Caroline Pires Diz


  43. obx nc Diz

    A sad ending to a once-great show.

  44. WhiskyHangover Diz

    This season will be complete trash until the last couple of episodes, ignoring great characters like Jo, Bobby, John, (which made an appearance at the wrong moment), full of backstory to irrelevant characters of lesser know actors because they are the only ones they can afford it. (Like the deaf girl). All will be compressed into the last 2 which will probably be lackluster. Sucks to see.

  45. Caroline Pires Diz


  46. Caroline Pires Diz

    Please, save Castiel 🙏🏻 let the Angel be happy with Dean. Chuck can't be God.

  47. Lea C Diz

    Been watching since 2005 never missed an episode. We better get a good ending

  48. Brachiosaurus Diz

    The guy on 0:17 has deans necklace😳

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