Pokémon Detective Pikachu (2019) – Official Trailer #2


Fonte: Canal do Youtube de GameSpot Universe Trailers

  1. Deivest says

    At least they didnt make mewtwo hairy

  2. Joaquim Marçal says

    *insert etika's mewtwo reaction here*

  3. ლAlex Kawaiiლ says

    get me the hell out of here

  4. Logan The Octoling says

    1:50 Pikachu: GET ME THE HELL OUT OF HERE!!!

  5. Riley Burkes says

    Mewtwo what are you up to this Time

  6. Keith Real says

    another great movie to watch….i am so excited…LOL

  7. G-Dub 85 says

    I rather watch this than Captain Maneater

  8. Zurvan Mooney says

    2:05 🤩🤩🤩 Mewtwo!!!

  9. Attrition says

    I wonder if mewtwos a natty

  10. Arun James says

    Charzard looks awesome and scary

  11. *》Michael Stephano《* says


  12. bo y says
  13. Crimson Navy says

    Ludicolo screaming its name is both funny and horrifying

  14. Christopher Spaulding says

    1:53 "pika pika…"

  15. Shelby Bayer says

    Pikachu Swore 😂

    "get me the hell out of here" that is much better then i thought I had wanted to Pokemon to have a Bit More Mature elements (Not including the Innuendos in the games)

  16. Rafael Crabs says

    If you blur your eyes Mewtwo in the thumbnail looks like a Silent Hill nurse.

  17. Keshia Anders says

    I swear, if Mew shows up in this movie & is just as fluffy as Pikachu, I'll be completely K-O from the cuteness!🤯

  18. Chandler Bing says

    I am not great at the Pokémon Detective Pikachu trailer..
    Could I interest you in a Breaking Bad Movie 2020 Teaser?

  19. MLG Godzilla says

    Snorlax sleeping on a road is just perfect

  20. larra debroham says


  21. NG H says

    Dont you f-ing dare to drag Eevee in this!

  22. king bowser productions says

    Mewtwo me dude!

  23. joão pedro toscano says

    Achei coco

  24. Mohit Kumar Verma says

    Pikaaa wikaaaa

  25. dominichokage says

    This will probably end up a better DBZ movie than any DBZ movie.

  26. Var says

    Can't wait to watch this movie!!!

  27. ItsKgan says

    I… actually…

    really want to see this now…

  28. Christopher Spaulding says

    It's official… I'M SEEIN' THIS!!

  29. Dark Havoc says

    I wanna see some Golurk Vs Mewtwo action. That'd be sick.

  30. DR.Terterme says

    From this trailer alone I figured out where his dad is

  31. Anyone else hear the small pokemon theme song sample?

  32. dudethis username says

    He's probably this dudes father. Think about it Pikachu found a hat with his location.

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