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  1. Tobias Carrier Diz

    Death to all mutant movies. And zombie movies. Some good looking flicks on this vid tho

  2. Midnight CoffeeAddictions Diz


  3. Roam with Jeep Diz

    Tesla Sound Track music " Electric dreams"

  4. BestHotboi NA Diz

    so no one else noticed the smartphone during tesla?

  5. Arcade Alchemist Diz

    7:24 NUKE UM RICO!

  6. Arcade Alchemist Diz

    casey neistat LOL

  7. Nick True Diz

    Really scraping the bottom of the barrel here. How to fake a war looks like a mixture of Wag the dog/Training Day/and Tropic Thunder.
    Except those movies were actually good.

  8. Enkeria Diz

    My first thought on Project Power: The main guys super power if taking the pill is; to become powerful all the time. But seems like I was mistaken.

  9. Miguel Angel Diz

    No me asombra tanto desde ALIEN de Ridley Scott. 🤤😍🤩

  10. Julian Carvajal Diz

    No one speaking of casey neistat in the proyect power?

  11. Scott Pagan Diz

    Game Of Death! Carnage cometh!

  12. Bikolano oragon Mix channel Diz

    Wow dabest movie

  13. GM J Diz

    I am actually sorry for the stuff of New Mutants now… They will be in a wheelchair and senile when that movie finally opens in theaters.

  14. Josiah James Diz

    I thought new mutants was rated r

  15. adrianivorthomas Diz

    ANOTHER load of old rubbish they want to foist on us all as leading cinema!!!!! They f…ing just don't get it! We want entertainment, joy, humour , to be taken out of ourselves and this awfull world we have to live in. That doesn't mean that I am an unhappy person, on the contrary. I just want to be entertained, is that too much to ask?

  16. GirlFriday Admin Diz

    Team Jamie Foxx baby!! 😍

  17. Tiana Roberge Diz

    Movie comeing soon to cinmas

  18. Nick Usalis Knight Diz

    Madame Curie was very Polish and had a Polish accent. Hollywood, so bs

  19. Nick Usalis Knight Diz

    The Shadow of Violence looks good

  20. Sah. B. Diz

    All the movies are boring!!!

  21. Marek Pražák Diz

    #1 limitless with superpowers.. I dont mind

  22. Bames Gaming Diz

    BaD NeWs: SDCC comic con @Home will cancel

  23. David Davidsonn Diz


  24. Agatha Jones Diz

    full movies in my channeli
    i loved it

  25. skankhunt42 Diz

    wheres the brilliant black lady who secretly taught tesla everything?

  26. Purple Jesus Diz

    These all look like garbage.

  27. Carol Dente Diz

    Was that Jim Gaffigan in Tesla?

  28. jlperry87 Diz

    Sundance rejections?

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