NEW MUTANTS Trailer Breakdown! Comic Con Opening Scene Explained!

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Fonte: Canal do Youtube de New Rockstars

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  1. New Rockstars Diz

    Thanks for watching the video and supporting the channel! What elements from The New Mutants do you want to see brought into the MCU? Our Amazing Spider-Man 2 (2014) rewatch & breakdown will upload tomorrow, and our analysis of the other big Comic Con news will come next week!

  2. da guy Diz

    If this movie gets delayed again ..please god kill me

  3. luv2bevl Diz

    I've been excited to see it, just loving the horror aspect of it. I'm hoping it lives up to my fantasy of the idea!

  4. Marc Bravo Diz

    blondie is hot

  5. Greg Hannon Diz

    Maisie Maisie Maisie!!!

  6. RED -5 Diz

    We actaully already saw sunspot in days of future past

  7. Remy Blas Diz

    I'm cautiously optimistic about this movie. The more I see about it, the more excited I get. I think the cast is perfect, and I think despite all the hell the movie has been throguh, it's gonna end up being a great movie.

  8. Everett H-Top Diz

    Please let this be good. Please let this be good. Please let this be good.

  9. X2 Diz

    When u guys gonna cover other stuff rather than marvel?

  10. Seu Maria Diz

    Rhodey Pop!

  11. Mac Findlay Diz

    my bet is Antonio Banderas as Mr. Sinister

  12. Mohan Ram Diz

    If anything I am seeing this film as being saved from Fox's idiocracy.

  13. Khaleel Ward Diz

    The movie looks cool, I can't wait to see it

  14. Joseph Orfanelli Diz

    Ain’t gonna lie I’m impressed more now. I wonder if this is a hit, they try more stuff with them

  15. Wietze Meijer Diz

    So you saw ridley in a big dog?

  16. The Person Diz

    I like how Magik was referenced in Deadpool 1.

    Deadpool to Colossus: "You, go be a bigger brother to someone."

  17. Ryan Weeks Diz

    I figured the bear was ursa major from the comics, but maybe not


    I think mirage will turn on them so basically something like fantasy island I dont know it was a thought in the back of my head

  19. Campbell Bologna Diz

    I’m excited for this movie it’s like a older stranger things movie with everyone gets super powers

  20. Michael Kaba Diz

    Looks kinda stupid tbh

  21. Damien Darko Diz

    I every person, there are two bears always fighting for dominance of their spirit. One bear, composed of all things evil: fear, Shame: self destruction. The other composed of all things good. But, in some, there is a thrid force. A chaotic for that is bouncy, flouncy and fun… This force is… The TIGGER!

  22. Boxer Chester Diz

    imagine your antagonist being a giant bear


    the doctor might be mister sinister

  24. RokuroKubi Diz

    Majik sure did well in the mutant power lottery

  25. Felicity Halsey Diz

    Coming 2022

  26. idk idk Diz

    Is this mcu Cannon?

  27. Vloggin YT Diz

    Yay Laucky is here

  28. Ollie Smith Diz

    Whatever happens with this, make sure it comes out on BLU RAY one day.

  29. PS2 Gamer Diz

    Hopefully it comes out this time

  30. Kaylee's Nerd Diz

    Wasn't this movie supposed to be released 4 years ago?!?!?!

  31. Bernie Welch III Diz

    Maybe thats the reason for the mcu tv delays, to film something where Wanda does blink and combine these other properties?

  32. Jurassic Lion Diz

    The film looked so stupid from that first trailer from two years ago. I still refuse to watch it.

  33. stevie gilliam Diz

    Is it just me or did the trailer revel too much

  34. marc snell Diz

    He put the cross upsidedown

  35. Nicolay Woods Diz

    I heard of two wolves, but bears work too

  36. Noah Kieswether Diz

    I’m actually excited for this movie now, I had no idea what to expect with it but this could be amazing. NR is the best!

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