Lucifer Season 5 | Official Trailer | Netflix

24 15

Fonte: Canal do Youtube de Netflix

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  1. korvisca petrova Diz

    1:45 something tells me Michael might annoy her just as much as lucifer did

    if you get it, you get it

  3. Trending of lipu Diz

    I am awaiting

  4. 1978samsung Diz

    sad that netflix spoilered that he is his twin brother…

  5. Y Hi I wanna did Diz

    Can’t wait till Ella finds out

  6. Late STW Diz


  7. Daniel McAlister Diz

    That better be an episode one or two twist and not eight or nine is all I'm thinking.

  8. DyNaMiC King Diz

    I never watch trailers because they spoil the movie/series, but I was so eager and excited for the new season xD Online class is coming soon xD

  9. UNCUT Diz

    Twin brother steals identity , cliche really how about twisting the show another way .

  10. nana nxn Diz


  11. Ioana Diz


  12. Amirreza Elahi Diz

    It’s very amazing

  13. Amirreza Elahi Diz

    Very good

  14. Djalil Djaber Diz

    يا حصراه مزالو شهر

  15. Miles Edwards Diz

    I hope they keep this show going for 6 more seasons

  16. Martha Juarez Diz

    I’m FUCKEN READY FOR THIS I even rewatched it and well sadly I finished too early and still gotta wait😭😭

  17. Sweet dreams, see u there Diz

    I'm a winner. I'm Ralph.

  18. Nik Georgiou Diz

    I’m Lucifer from………

    You finish the sentence

  19. Invid of INP Diz

    You know, getting Two additional seasons of this massively underrated show is one of the best gifts I've seen for TV.

  20. ItzDaBroz -_- Diz

    1:17 ngl that’s mad

  21. Madalena Donato Diz

    I have watched this billions of times

  22. UrusVerra Diz

    What is the song that Lucifer is whistling on 0:30?

  23. Dato Ananidze Diz

    Lucifer real name fliz

  24. Mad Stacks Diz

    Can I say hell yes

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