Glass – Official Trailer 2 (2019) | Bruce Willis, Samuel L. Jackson, James McAvoy


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  1. Nelson Mesones says

    I can’t wait to see this movie with my Parents

  2. Phil This says

    😂 Last name Glass, first name Ug!

  3. thanh le says

    hu hu

  4. Stan Kyle Kenny Cartman says

    20 years in the making. The showdown of UNBREAKABLE (Hero origin) & SPLIT (Villain origin) with GLASS (Archenemy) behind it.

  5. Mosley Deshawn says

    So what exactly is this abt

  6. Gabriel L. says

    00:44 only reason i came here for is Hedwig.

  7. Jr Jacques says

    1:38 lol

  8. Christopher Girardi says

    It's up to David Dunn to stop these two before a cinematic Universe kicks off

  9. Joe Darque says

    The guy at 2:19 looks like he could be a grown up verison of the kid from Sixth Sense

  10. Primordial Entropy says

    That Unbreakable theme is so good

  11. dolphinsays says

    so why is glass sedated? "im really smart" isnt exactly something you need to sedate someone for lady

  12. Acnologia TheGod says

    I know James Is from split but what are the connections with the other characters

  13. Hazin says

    I liked unbreakable because they never really proved that Bruce had super powers, there was always an argument that it was all just coincidence in the end. I think that’s what made that movie different from all others because oh weren’t sure if it actually was a superhero movie. I hope they stick to the same rules for this one and don’t spoil the first movie.

  14. mark stepanek ii says

    I saw the trailer for Glass as an ad for the trailer for Glass

  15. JMWFilmmaker says

    Since its playing in the background, I'm super excited to hear the Unbreakable theme. Particularly David's hero theme. It's going to sound fantastic in the theatres.

  16. Charles Woodruff says


  17. EngineerJeff says

    Totally ready for this movie. Super power activate!

  18. Thanos says

    Looks and will be 100x better than Dark Phoenix

  19. Jon Marsh says

    man david must be a real appetizing/intriguing target for the beast, considering how he really only targets those who havent been damaged or traumatized in any way. cant fuckin wait

  20. Johnny Chimpo says

    Also. I thought they established that the Beasts ability was to stick to walls with imperfections and cracks, like an amazingly capable rock climber. But here he is just spider-man

  21. Johnny Chimpo says

    Also. I thought they established that the Beasts ability was to stick to walls with imperfections and cracks, like an amazingly capable rock climber. But here he is just spider-man

  22. Johnny Chimpo says

    2:30 Its only a few frames but you can see the bad wire work. Bruce Willis double floats instead of straight or slightly down

  23. vishal mellark says

    i want to say this , its in ma head ,. i ts typinh , WE ARE VENOM !

  24. KING RAZER11 says

    I need this! Its like a dark version of Avengers lol

  25. Jon Snow says

    Do we care? Split was awful…

  26. Eliza Gaskell says

    In the words of Samuel L Jackson "Enough is ENOUGH! I have had it with these motherfuckin' snakes on this motherfuckin' plane! Everybody strap in! [extracts his gun] I'm about to open some fuckin' windows." – That is how I currently feel when I saw this trailer.
    Universal Picture, please be advised I will not be looking at any future Glass trailers, comments or review, until the the film is released. Don't do a Doomsday as I am already on board with this movie, money in hand….thank you.

  27. Crossrider Gaming FPS says

    Charles Xavier did you forget to take your meds?

  28. arafin foysal says


  29. Apple Exposed says

    "This reminds me of unbreakable"



  30. Franz Haas says


  31. Jim Nixon says

    Stop giving so much shit away in the previews!

  32. Whi te says

    Well now I know the plot

  33. Noooooo they spoiled the plot

  34. Sporkitious says


  35. Kenneth Kolton says

    I’m going to see this for sure but I’m curious if M Night Shalamaladingdong will deliver.

  36. The Chain TV says

    Infinity Wars has nothing on this movie ill watch this 🙂

  37. Harmie 👌🏾 says

    Billie Dean Howard?

  38. Diegoop Gomoop says

    Look at that booty.😤😤😤

  39. toyman70 reviews says

    looks fantastic, but they show a whole lot

  40. J. A. says

    Who cares?

  41. DinoPlays says

    i got the trailer before the the video xD

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