DJ Tiesto – Adagio For Strings

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Fonte: Canal do Youtube de Odisho Goriel

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  1. Dezi Rodriguez Diz

    The Best work out song!!👊

  2. eliana espinoza Diz

    helping you not lose your sanity

  3. Aly Kamil Diz

    This track way ahead of it's time ..

  4. beli pouka Diz

    You don't know techno if you don't know Tiesto.

  5. Rob Marois Diz

    On shrooms and love it 2020 trump train let's go@

  6. Kim Se Diz

    Noli la hiç mi TR yok!?!

  7. Esco_9mm-UZI Diz

    Nuthin most sick I’m not in , can I get a Amen..?

  8. Esco_9mm-UZI Diz

    Bombzzzz pray for Houston!!! 😭💩

  9. Cristiandario Acevedo Diz


  10. Marcin Syriusz Diz

    100 mln 💥💥💣 this music never dead

  11. Ivo Ernstsons Diz

    I think Tiësto never gets old.

  12. 3azi ZH Diz

    2020 her

  13. zack green924 Diz

    Truly a masterpeace

  14. Teco Mix Diz

    My dj series 15 fantastic dj musichttps://youtu.be/leaAYAT4uDc

  15. huxoavi Diz

    Aqui viene el jonan tumbando aguja con el dj tiesto

  16. Jeremy C Diz

    At 4:20am

  17. Tammy Dale Diz

    My little brother loves your song

  18. mr paper Diz

    bruhhhhhh im gonna still be listening to this when i get kids and they gonna think im so old

  19. Maria Jones Diz

    Elise laurel 16 4 99 16 8 18. My beautiful daughter elise. Ur first festival and last and this song. 💝💝💝💝💝

  20. Some Guy Diz

    I went to a party and this song came on and no one knew what it was… I was like wtf man wanted to leave

  21. Lucifer Mctrippy Diz

    andfgc dexz setaxs c nice song

  22. Pratik Pattnaik Diz

    They said this remix was so epic, fluctione created by this music had all the parallel universes skip Vietnam vs US War chapter in history. All smiled, no deaths, no tears, no PTSD…

  23. Andrea Mcgrow Diz

    IBIZA 2013 AMAZING 🔊🔊🎶🎶

  24. bak burda ne var Diz

    Vay be…

  25. Josecito Diz

    My brother used to listen to this 12 years ago, now i'm a well taught man thanks to him

  26. eniotube Diz

    Enjoyable arrangement. As always, true masterpieces come from the gifted mind of a classical composer, in this case, Samuel Barber.

  27. Jeremy Courchesne Diz

    The best song from 2007, and now it is allll memories …
    I love you dad… thank you for letting me know that song when I was a child.. Now, when I miss u I am listening to that song and i remember you when you were there… Also the day you telled me
    -hey, Come listen to something, Close your eyes and feel the beat

    I still see your smile and it make it cry…

    ❤️ 😓
    Adagio for strings is
    Memories for life

    Thank you Tiesto ❤️

  28. Educación Para Ellos Diz

    nada mejor que esto

  29. Serkan Diz
  30. Gerzon Maassen Diz


  31. Abdul Khaliq Diz

    This features in the Irish hit series Love Hate. If you haven't seen it, its a must watch.

  32. Jen Stevenson Diz

    It just gets better

  33. Suzanna Bienkowski Diz

    I want all 3 versions, starting with the string one, followed by brass, and the ending with this one. If anyone knows a slower, more house vs techno version, please post. Thanx.

  34. Alexis h Diz

    Como tirarse una obra musical 😔😔😔

  35. Chilldstepx Diz

    04:23 uuuuuuffff 🔊🔊🔊♥️

  36. Sherlock Holmes Diz

    Kto słucha 2020.Pozdrawiam ze Szkocji wszystkich rodaków.

  37. Bed Exploder Diz

    Just listen to that beat

  38. Jonathan Baker Diz

    Much love ❤️ and appreciation.💯✅❤️✝️🙏🏿📖🗡👊🏿👌🏿☯️😎

  39. Zyneb Benyaklef Diz

    i hope this isn’t trance music, because albinoni is dead and likes peace, so put your delicate loveliness only in a cd or jent

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