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  1. AM Diz

    where tf is shan yu

  2. Dominick Martinez Diz

    Another soulless live-action remake of a movie that was made when Disney and care weren't foreign concepts to each other.

  3. Bop Be Diz

    where in the haberdasheries and hemoglogin is Shang?!

  4. Heavens light our guide Diz

    I wonder if it will be as successful now seeing as we are suffering due to the Chinese.

  5. Brown James Diz

    Commie china movie don't watch

  6. Brown James Diz

    Commie china movie lol sponsored by CCP

  7. Iwan Setiawan Diz

    📽🎬 M U L A N (2020) FULL M o v i e
    'All subtitle' Click >>>

    A l l S u b t i t l e

    Une histoire d'amour sur deux patients atteints de cancer. Un voyage émotionnel de deux jeunes hommes désespérément amoureux, une jeune fille nommée Kesey, atteinte d'un cancer, et un garçon, Manny, qu'elle rencontre dans un groupe de soutien.

  8. Hardycovers vevo Diz

    Ghost Of Tsushima

  9. Promise Kalome Diz

    Corona is temporary, Mulan is forever.

  10. MelihCelik Diz

    Why are the hun warriors dressed entirely black and they look like arabian or persian warriors (like in the movie 300)?

  11. geri ibra Diz

    So the movie has lost the characters, its not funny anymore and no songs….this is not mulan this is some of those asian martial art shit movies. Very disapointed!

  12. Shane Rollins Diz

    Directed by the Wachowskis

  13. Pain_Is_Good Diz

    Borders? Walls?
    Clearly Mulan is a Trump supporter.
    Hun Lives Matter ! Open Border !

  14. iydrius Diz

    No Chris Tucker as the dragon!? Why ruin this movie without the funny dragon. Could at least got somebody to play an animated dragon. I will not be watching this…. Super disappointing…

  15. AJ smitten Diz

    I'm a bit disappointed that they didnt cast Zhang Ziyi for the role of mulan. I think she would have been the perfect actress for this movie. Plus I miss seeing her in movies. Her last amazing one was memoirs of a geisha.

  16. JEON JAY Diz

    Free Hong Kong

  17. honey bae velez Diz

    "Your job is to bring honor to the family"

    Every asians are relatable to this we feel pressure everytime if our family has a high expectations to us. We get anxious. No scratch that, not just asians but every families in this worlds.

  18. CosmicOutLook Diz

    An ALL asian cast 💕

  19. Otreblig Zednem Diz


  20. Iki Aja Diz

    {{,, f'u "l'l M'o'V'i"E HD 4K Online }}


  21. ddority30 Diz


  22. Onxfy Gaming Diz

    By edict of the Mouse, every family must contribute $5.99 a month to have a payed subscription to Disney+ and contribute another $29.99 to watch this movie.

  23. aymi cat Diz

    red dead redemption 2

  24. Ally Diz

    Can’t wait for this! Also, I miss MuShu 🤣 “a curse on YOU, a curse on ya COW!…”

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