Disney The Lion King – trailer official


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  1. Wallace Liow says

    The Chinese Northern Lion (simplified Chinese: 北狮; traditional Chinese: 北獅; pinyin: Běi shī) Dance is often performed as a pair of male and female lions in the north of China. Northern lions may have a gold-painted wooden head, and shaggy orange and yellow hair with a red bow on its head to indicate a male lion, or a green bow (sometimes green hair) to represent a female.[33] There are however regional variations of the lion.

    Northern lions resemble Pekingese or Fu Dogs, and its movements are lifelike during a performance. Acrobatics are very common, with stunts like lifts, or balancing on a tiered platform or on a giant ball. Northern lions sometimes appear as a family, with two large "adult" lions and a pair of small "young lions". There are usually two performers in one adult lion, and one in the young lion. There may also be a "warrior" character who holds a spherical object and leads the lions.[34]

    The dance of the Northern Lion is generally more playful than the Southern Lion. Regions with well-known lion dance troupes include Xushui in Hebei province, and Ninghai in Ningbo. There are a number of variations of the lion dance performance, for example the Heavenly Tower Lion Dance (simplified Chinese: 天塔狮舞; traditional Chinese: 天塔獅舞; pinyin: Tiān tǎ shī wǔ) from Xiangfen County in Shanxi is a performance whereby a number of lions climb up a tall tower structure constructed out of wooden stools,[23] and there are also high-wire acts involving lions

  2. Wallace Liow says

    The Chinese Southern Lion (traditional Chinese: 南獅; pinyin: Nán shī) or Cantonese Lion dance originated from Guangdong. The Southern Lion has a single horn, and is associated with the legend of a mythical monster called Nian. The lion consists of a head which is traditionally constructed using papier-mâché over a bamboo frame covered with gauze, then painted and decorated with fur,[35][36] and a body made of durable layered cloth trimmed with more fur. Newer lions however may be made with modern materials such as aluminium instead of bamboo and are lighter.[37] Newer versions may also apply shinier modern material over the traditional lacquer such as sequin or laser sticker but they do not last as long as those with semi-dull lacquer. Depending on the lion type (Traditional or Modern), Different types of fur can be used.

    There are two main styles of Guangdong or Cantonese Lion: the Fut San or Fo Shan (Chinese: 佛山; pinyin: Fúshān; literally: "Buddha Mountain"), and the Hok San or He Shan (traditional Chinese: 鶴山; pinyin: hèshān; literally: "Crane Mountain"), both named after their place of origin. Other minor styles include the Fut-Hok (a hybrid of Fut San and Hok San created in Singapore by Kong Chow Wui Koon in the 1960s), and the Jow Ga (performed by practitioners of Jow family style kung fu).[33] The different lion types can be identified from the design of the lion head.

  3. The Winter soldier says

    The trailer by Walt Disney studios is the official trailer. You're just copying and posting the same thing. 🙄

  4. "The difference between RTX on and RTX off"

  5. Gabriel Vinicius says

    Podiam faze o do timão e pumba tambem

  6. Marilia Silva says

    me arrepiei

  7. Maxwelly Oliveira says

    Minha nossa senhora que isso? eu tô piorando! já quero assistir. Socorro!!!!!!!!!! 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

  8. Miguel Angel Alvarez Agudo says

    El ciclo sin fin.

  9. Abin Thomas Alex says

    They did not recast James Earl Jones!

  10. PenguinxII G says

    Can’t wait! :))

  11. Ariana Lisette Reyes says

    I honestly cant wait❤❤❤❤❤

  12. CoolBowers says

    All I hear is Vader

  13. nEES G says

    00:54 💕

  14. Finalmente o melhor filme virá para o cinema!!!!!!!🦁🦁🦁

  15. Jasmine Pemberton says

    My heart ❤️

  16. The Majestic Spider says

    I'm happy as hell right now.

  17. Captain_Deception says

    OH YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I really can't wait. My most anticipated Live-Action DIsney film. I just can't wait to see how they do the voice animatronic on the animals. It'll be damn freaking amazing.

  18. Eu chorei vendo esse trailer

  19. alvan djari says

    Best birthday gift that ever happen to me

  20. Asuncion Asuncion says

    Pimer comentario

  21. Asuncion Asuncion says

    Omg es genial

  22. Dragongirly 126 says


  23. alvan djari says


  24. Sir Kwyjibo says

    But why

  25. JakeMac says

    Can’t put into words how excited I am for this movie

  26. Lil Joy says


  27. Jessica Hernandez says

    32 people 😱

  28. Rowan Dicdican says


  29. carloshs93 says


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