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  1. Scott Kalin Diz

    Dont need another rehash of 51-L. Dont need people saying it exploded when it didnt. Dont need to relive the last moments of them again. Dont need to hear people bash on NASA again. Not interested.

  2. Sean PM Diz

    I've watched everything there is to see on this subject as it was a traumatic event for me. I cannot wait to see this. But why does it have JJ Abrams paws on it? I hope he had a passive producer role.

  3. Stephen Smith Diz

    The scenes with President Reagan are bollocks. He wasn't at the launch. He didn't give them permission to launch. Those are clips from Edwards AFB, from an event much earlier in the Shuttle program.

  4. Joseph Grills Diz

    I'm sure they'll omit the stories of the wild arties "Krista" was the star of

  5. W J Diz

    One of a few times NASA killed their space crew just to save face…

  6. yea nah man Diz

    More stuff like this and less garbage please.

  7. John Richards Diz

    We accept the reality we are presented with – The Truman Show.

  8. Nathan Ngumi Diz

    This was a terrible tragedy. But the legacy of the crew and those who worked with and prepared them will never be forgotten.

  9. Brian Runyon Diz

    "We will never forget them, nor the last time we saw them."

  10. harunotodoroki Diz

    No thanks.

  11. Lunar Butterfly Diz

    I literally just bought the book by Al McDonald. Such a good read and I recommend it to anyone interested in knowing the truth about this tragedy.

    I’m interested in seeing this and I hope you do these astronauts justice by telling their story.

  12. Justin Fencsak Diz

    This is gonna teach younger people what the disaster felt among previous generations

  13. Carey Ivery Diz

    I will never forget this event. I saw the explosion in the sky on a playground in Florida.

  14. Sanjana Kamat Diz

    Does anybody know what music they used for this trailer please?

  15. huskybrows A Diz

    How have I never heard about this accident??

  16. Hoffmann Sascha Diz

    Wanna see!

  17. david mckesey Diz

    Check out the challenger movie. With William hurt. Its unbelievable

  18. Rayofsun71 gaming Diz

    My dad has the newspaper of when this happened. It's truly heartbreaking what happened

  19. Ethan Dalton Diz

    I wonder if they're going to include Big Bird?

  20. иiитеивоу Diz

    I can’t wait for this!

  21. michaela jane Diz

    15 years later, i’d be born

  22. S MH Diz

    I skipped school to watch this!😢

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