Alice DJ – Better Off Alone (Official Video)

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Fonte: Canal do Youtube de Alice DJ

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  1. Rilisoft Diz

    0.1% Girls With Long Chins
    99.9% rainy nostalgic days for 2000’s kids

  2. Simon Gough Diz

    Anyone here from xQc? TriDance

  3. 40 Block Studios Diz

    Took many years to write the lyrics I heard.

  4. chriswasherez Diz

    Who else came from that grandpa dancing to this song

  5. francisco nikotian Diz

    ti titi ti ti ti, TITITI TI!ti titi ti ti ti, TITITI TI!

  6. Angie Estacio Diz

    Good music 90’s

  7. Marco Scardigno Diz

    Song top💪❤️

  8. zeynepurkmez Diz

    0:30 Hey, said a hustler's work is never through…

  9. tontonpacute Diz

    this video:
    me: im better off alone

  10. Fejer Ali Diz

    2020 July still wonderful

  11. Tim Nasseh Diz

    Why is this song still so amazing in 2020?!!!

  12. Phi-Net Diz

    looked up "that song that goes bump bu dump bump bump bump"

  13. Kourkutas2 Kutsukuta Diz

    this reminds me windows xp for a reason

  14. Stinky Sundae Diz

    I remember this from How Sweet It Is and Electric Daisy Carnival raving days. Miss candy walking and dropping E

  15. Jordie84 Diz

    My 6 year old son loves this song cause I always put it on when I drop him off at school. The song then goes on repeat on my way to work.

  16. Dariana Gómez Diz

    Excelente la uso con la elíptica…

  17. Reee Kid Diz

    My brain when listening to this: hamster with the bottle

  18. RJ Beatz Diz

    I'm impressed by how simplistic this song is

  19. malgorzata j Diz


  20. יודע אני לא Diz

    DJ: Netherlands
    Singer: Netherlands
    Love from Israel 🇮🇱🇳🇱

  21. Phoenix X Diz

    Who else say this on a Marcus veltri video?

  22. Martin Racza Diz

    To be a kid and teenager from 1990-1999. Those were the times.

  23. Mitcheal Johnson Diz

    I love how wiz khalifa mix this with say yeah and neyo and akon with work hard play hard

  24. Pinamari Pie Diz

    I was l
    5 months old when this was created

  25. jefree suruy Diz


  26. Jvckz Diz

    90mil views soon?

  27. hector javier ortega villarrial Diz

    Canta muy vien y esta muy linda

  28. Theginger1 Adam Diz


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