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Spider-Man: Far From Home (2019) – Official Trailer 2 | Tom Holland, Jake Gyllenhaal, Zendaya


Fonte: Canal do Youtube de GameSpot Universe Trailers

  1. Munther Asad says

    I have seen endgame

  2. Mysterious Figure says

    Hopefully it has better action, sure looks like it…

  3. Mykel L. says

    What? Nick fury said it was first time seeing spiderman in this trailer they already met on tony's grave right?

  4. AudioAndroid says

    Ok I think I got this figured out, here goes. Oh Spoiler, I bet Peter Parker will ask Mysterio If he could bring their Tony Stark from his World to ours? Or can he meet him to tell him Good bye.

  5. Sri Ram says

    Waiting for next generation Tony ????

  6. agamemnonahb says

    If any of that was a spoiler you haven't been paying any attention.

  7. Edgar Baquedano says

    01:03 is this a motherfucking JoJo reference?

  8. umback wasted says

    How did SHE FIND OUT

  9. Filmi-Bantai says

    Please can we use this trailer in our youtube video

  10. _ Saadtheboss0786 says

    Wait so Spider Man is the new Iron Man?

  11. Emyl Malanum says


    Iron man back confirmed?

  12. Redemption Tech says

    Think about it as an epilogue to the infinity saga. The infinity saga started with Iron man and Is now ending with spider man

  13. Elyesa Çakıci says

    spaydi is my best avanger.He is my childness

  14. Alishamarienormil L says

    Yess gorl

  15. ItzLilac says

    I wanted the whole movie to be a surprise so I wasn’t gonna watch any spoilers.. but…. I can’t help myself.

  16. Joseph Lim says

    I thought Mysterio was a villain. Recollection from the old Spider-Man cartoon days.

  17. spikey 123 says

    Why not Dr strange

  18. spikey 123 says


  19. spikey 123 says


  20. Dominic Young says

    If spider man dies, I’m done

  21. Ivan Hidalgo says

    Omg te amo espaider mannnn :V

  22. Vinycius Ferreira says

    Spider-Man: Thor?

    Nick: Off Word

    Spider-Man: Captain Marvel

    Nick: Unavailable

    Spider-Man: Hulk?

    Nick: Taking Selfies

    Spider-Man: Captain America?

    Nick: Playing chess in a retirement home

    Spider-Man: Dr. Strange?

    Nick: Counting possibilities

    Spider-Man: Pepper Stark?

    Nick: Buying Cheeseburgers to her daughter.

    And they take a Infinity War like this…

  23. Mc Chicken says

    Wtf! Why was the ad I got the same as the video??? weird…

  24. xG Cripdo says

    Thanks for the warning tom 🙂

  25. Hamza Ali says

    watched avengers endgame twice loved it ?????