WandaVision Official Trailer (2020) Marvel TV Series HD

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Fonte: Canal do Youtube de ONE Media

  1. BlackJaGuar says

    Kinda excited
    But don't know why

  2. Supreme commander and creator of the Burning Legion says


  3. Tiaan Jelander says

    Wanda Vision is giving me a Legion kind of feeling

  4. Millania says

    Most excited about LOKI

  5. Canoski says


  6. keitana thompson says

    WandaVision looks like a really boring RomCom😂

  7. mlim says

    Jane Lapotaire as Agatha Harkness.
    Critic: It's not gonna happen! Give it up!
    Me: It's happening now, quite vividly, in my mind and fantasy.

  8. Helder Oliveira says

    It's not TV, it's an internet show

  9. JPeex says

    Então,tô ancioso,agora só falta o Disney Plus pra assistir'-

  10. 88Grimmjow says

    Milking that dead cow still?

  11. Lloyd Pastrana says

    So Vision helps create Cyborg Mutant babies after going full Adamantium on Wanda?

  12. min Kyeong says


  13. Irfan Maulana says

    42 second and it more better than whole joker movie😂

  14. Rovic Batiancila says

    Wandas Vision, her perspective. 💜💜💜

  15. Kakashi Shinoda says

    Wanda had het Xmen costume on, this is the first time she is linked too the X-men in the MCU. And the first mutant teaser.

  16. Krista Gama says

    They should change the thumbnail
    I thought this was fqnmade

  17. velociraptors in socks says

    Disney bought Fox, so WandaVision may be the gateway into another universe where the Xmen/ Legion come into it. Wanda is such an under appreciated character in the MCU.

  18. ꧁꧂Kim ꧁꧂ says

    Wtf im so facking confused..

  19. Xander X says


  20. calin cimpean says

    What is the release date?

  21. Dave Sobani says

    Wanda vision looks like a house of m rippoff

  22. Jeremya Ford says

    I watched this trailer so many times that now I'm starting to think. What if they made Wanda Vision a singalong 🤬🤬 I would be so mad. Know disney I'm sure they would

  23. Muhammet Ali Solak says

    Trailer legend

  24. Boy Ananda says

    Vision death finally hit wanda real hard this time

  25. Martyn Phillips says

    Exclusively on other online streaming sites

  26. Mouparna Pal says

    MOST IMPORTANTLY he's gonna burn that place to the ground…. 🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤💚💚💚💚💚💚
    God I missed him

  27. Divya Manda says

    0:23 pacifiers and cribs….wiccan and speed enter the mcu 😍

  28. _adluna_ says

    oh my god disney's going to intervene please don't fuck this up

  29. Krookedhands says

    So glad this is done by Marvel Studios and not Marvel Television.

  30. jayxmenendez says

    WandaVision hype is real

  31. dn07 rtc says

    A nice set up for Avengers Disassembled and New Avengers 🤔

  32. ImmaParrot says


  33. red jaybird says

    WandaVision looks like the best thing to ever happen to the MCU for the last 3 years imo

  34. Larry Gerry says

    Can we stop it with superhero films and shows, they are soooooo boring

  35. Coleman Van Allen says

    Disney don’t you dare fuck this up

  36. cody baggett says

    I think that wandavision stuff is just going to be a dream sequence, or maybe she'll become the new conduit for the reality stone but if she's just randomly this powerful then I can't imagine any of the other avengers being necessary. Also, what would be the point of her powers suddenly shifting into overdrive like this without any context, or explanation and zero build up?

  37. Townes F says

    WandaVision is probably going to introduce her reality warping abilities, first creating this fantasy in her head and then actually managing to make it real

  38. Ella Day says

    Yo honestly watch wandavision be like an episode of black mirror. Like it probably is all happy and all good in the beginning, and it just gets progressively weird and dark near the end.

  39. Iqra Waseem says

    Seeing loki again is such a turn on!

  40. JJ rap songs Melendez says

    I got a theory If you want to know why marvel is making a Loki movie it because in avenger endgame Tony was trying to get the tesseract in 2012 since he went back in time trying to get it he messed up and Loki got it and than probably Loki went back to his own time line since that time that he die in avenger infinity war so that my theory how Loki got in his own time

  41. Shane Louise says

    0:16 is she pregnant or nah?? If so, I would like to see Wiccan in the future.

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