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  1. Doug Medina says

    Excellent Trailer! Can't wait for this story in theaters!

  2. The Immortal says

    I cannot stop watching it.

  3. Real Mr Jangoon says

    He nailed the joker walk, like casually but stylishly walking away from a guy holding a gun up to his head

  4. klaudio alexis Ruiz Calderon says

    October now!

  5. JoNatHan K says

    Out of Ash the Phoenix will Rise and the Dark Knight will Rise Never More.

  6. Marathon Flow says

    Childhood dream coming true? Check

  7. SAY HI TO MR. VIDEOS says

    I will copy this video. Tnxx

  8. BAT JAMIER #2 GAMING says

    Is this really the clown Prince of crime

  9. Lee Bee says

    It looks like a well-made film, but where's Batman? I don't get it. What's the point of a film about a villain if there's no hero to defeat him? Can anyone explain?

  10. Imam Bochari says

    Too much version make me so confused

  11. Alonsito HeadShot says

    shroker looks great!!!11

  12. May 03 says

    Wow no wonder joker becomes crazy because it's from the society it's self turn him to one

  13. Luka Cgn says

    I hope they will release a new Batman movie with the Gotham series Characters… I think they was the best and the roles fitted very well for everyone of them!

  14. Kaique Basteli Lucas says

    Holy fuck! Look the facial expression of this actor!!!

  15. Benny Martinez says

    Looks more like a tv series 🤡

  16. Mëđ ÆĎvØő says

    سلام وعليكم ورحمته وبركاته خوتي مممكن تدعيم قناتي حبا في الله الله اسهل عليكم خوتي برجولة

  17. Sight Field says

    Thanks to Heath the being good Joker standard is extremely high af 😂, they need to hire Joaquin to handle this properly

  18. Sight Field says

    1:48 it was little Bruce right ? Don't lie to me

  19. Elizabeth says

    This is going to be good, but Heath Ledger will still be the best joker of all time.

  20. Sight Field says

    When this type of Joker shows up, and if there will be a film who make him fights Batman, i just don't know whom i will support,

    Just by judging Joker's background, i just wanna cry, cause this thing is actually happening in the real world. I've seen clown being bullied physically cuz of his fat costume, and he's not so older than me, he might be 25s. I feel really deep with this type of Joker, it's not bored terrorist for no reason, it's not a gang leader wannabe, it's about a very kind man being hurt badly.

  21. redstone miner says

    Joaquin phoenix = like

    Jerome valeska = comment

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