Trailer extendido da Viúva Negra

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  1. Flicks And The City Clips says

    Enjoy the new Black Widow trailer! 👍😃
    And also check out our Black Widow Villain theory video ►

  2. bolieve 1310017 says

    Black widow…what power does she has…nothing..overrated….

  3. HR Brown says

    Please be better than Wonder Woman 1984

  4. southweststrangla420 says

    a female movie that will probably work because they arent shoving any agendas in our faces.

  5. Robert Hemedes says

    Scarlet Johannsen can't even have a decent Russian accent. I have never understood why she is considered a great actress. She has yet to WOW me in any of her performances. Taskmaster's live action movie look looks interesting – almost insect like.

  6. The Two Two Late Show says

    Crimson dynamo and blonsky better get references ..

  7. Reko Sanchez says

    When’s Hawkeye going to show up?

  8. Jaymo Mambo says

    ummm that’s such an extended trailer lol

  9. tobeymmemes says

    Imagine putting both trailers together and calling it an extended trailer

  10. HetanshGaming says

    Plot twist :Hawkeye was taskmaster

    It's a joke LMAO

  11. Afr0 Cuban says

    If there’s no Budapest flashback I don’t wana see it

  12. Dave S says

    I thought the movie was going to be about her and Hawkeye in Budapest. There is no Hawkeye here…

  13. VJTM says

    Taskmaster is 100% female

  14. ՏHႮBHᗅM ShҽkhαաαԵ says

    harbour hated a russian named Alexie in stranger things
    Also harbour playing russian whose name is alexie in black widow
    Logic – wtf

  15. Luis Patino says

    Is this taking place before ironman 2 or after civil war?

  16. Gage 2k3 says


  17. Uneventful_Shinji says

    Captain America wannabe

  18. 33badyess says

    All for Florence Pugh being the new widow.

  19. Raghu Seetharaman says

    Wow this trailer brings back to Civil War with the next generation Winter Soldiers that Hydra was creating. Also Taskmaster could turn out to be an ally. Iron Maiden on the other hand I feel had a secret she hasn't shared yet to Natasha and Yelena and Red Guardian.

  20. Minh Hoàng says

    Phim hay nhưng trailer dài quá, cô tóc xoăn màu nâu đóng phim j ấy nhỉ, trông quen quá

  21. Arowosegbe Jeremiah says

    What nonsense

  22. MazterP28 says

    Capt Russia

  23. 𝙑F𝙓📷وحش الخدع والافلام says


  24. Mary Garcia says

    Woah what the freak no views no likes no comments whaaaaat

  25. Claudia Ivan says

    I love Black Widow!!!!!!❤️❤️❤️❤️

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