Doom Eternal – Official Story Gameplay Trailer 2

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  1. Vladislav Novikov says

    that soundtrack jeez

  2. sailorcarr says

    Beautiful angelical. <3

  3. Jerry Bot says

    Oh Doom 2.

    Doom Eternal
    Doom Reloaded
    Doom Apocalypse
    Doom The Reckoning
    Doom Salvation
    Doom Sacrifice
    Doom Infinity
    Shadow of Doom

  4. Partha Nandi says

    0:21 and 1:48 – Look at the size of that thing. Forget she said that, I said that ! Cant wait !

  5. startide says

    Vibranium reinforced with adamantium plane at 00:37

  6. Quantum Mechanic says

    Demon slayer S2 looks good

  7. Ace Rimmer says

    Kill em all. DOOM is on the way.

  8. Kelley Walsh says

    It's been a while since I've been REALLY excited about a new game, but I am seriously REALLY REALLY GODDAMN excited about this one.

  9. Lord Leviticus says

    2:04 RIP AND TEAR!

  10. Dohko de Libra says

    El Macho.

  11. Jayjay says

    Damned, I really want to see the Doom guy face.

  12. SackBall says

    Its pretty clear Doom Slayer is Doomguy. They have classic Doom Guy skins. His face looks and acts like the little sprite head we saw and loved from D1 and D2

  13. FBI Agent says

    I can’t wait for the whole soundtrack to be released

  14. Evice Durendal says

    Honestly, this gives off backstory/prequel vibes.

  15. Fajar Alif says

    01:42 Doomguy for Mortal Kombat

  16. TheWalkerViewMaster says


  17. Jblazeplayer says


  18. Aqua311 says

    The Doom Slayer ain't looking for peace.

  19. One-eyed Owl says

    Asajj ventress gets a new job

  20. Zohrez Khan says

    How I be pulling up to WWIII

  21. Beano Burrito says

    Portal 3 march 20 2020

  22. Brady Woods says

    Hey uhm why no switch icon at the end? It was announced for the switch years ago dont tell me it's not happening.

  23. Wad Asd says

    Half face reveal ??

  24. Jordan Erickson says

    I never pictured the doom slayer having a face like that

  25. Niloc0 says

    Doom Guy: "You assume I'm fighting for humanity, or earth, or fighting for what is right… the truth is, I just like shooting things, and I don't like you."

  26. Bingo Bango says

    Doom Eternal: Story Trailer shows gameplay
    Doom Eternal: Gameplay Trailer shows story

    God I love this.

  27. duck74 UK says

    Thing I always hate about gameplay trailers for FPS games.
    The slow movement, like they've got a controller on the lowest sensitivity or something.
    I get it's so you can see whats going on but gaahhh it's so different in pace to how the game gets played.

  28. LatisARG says

    is just me or this looks like a quake style?

  29. Dave Newman says

    Hell… YES!

  30. OwO_The_Loli says

    Loved how when he sliced the demon with the sword that the dam robot stole (GIVE ME BACK MY SWORD, I KNEW IT WAS A SWORD IT WAS CLEARLY A SWORD AND U STOLE IT) it said rip n tear, very coo

  31. Chris Jhon says

    For switch??

  32. Dirshaun says

    Though I walk through the valley of death, I shall fear no evil. For I am the baddest mofo in the valley.

  33. Luke says

    what's the soundtrack?

  34. Preston Dortch says

    It's 2020 and trailers still release in 1080p.
    what the fuck

  35. ian ahola says

    sounds like Mick Gordon did the soundtrack again. He absolutely killed it last time around.

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