Night on Earth | Official Trailer

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Fonte: Canal do Youtube de Netflix

  1. Luipadre says

    My LG C9 is ready

  2. Zaheer Sarang says

    Welp. Count me in on this one

  3. hugo says

    Our Planet is already on the top of Imdb, this one goes the same way 🤷🏽‍♂️

  4. Dustin says

    This is going to look bananas on my LG OLED.

  5. cow moo says

    k1ll the animals to make better product

  6. Adilson Marques says

    Lindo demais, parabéns faz que não via um vídeo maravilhoso

  7. Hannah Kelley says

    Netflix good job this is just what I needed right now.

  8. DIN JoK3 says

    This is beyond impressive

  9. Za worudo says

    There is a god in this world….

  10. Seddik Hennaoui says

    Theme song ????

  11. Krispy Donutt says

    Damn Nature! You perrrty!!

  12. Hxo0o1 says

    I prefer David Attenborough….

  13. Haechi says

    When the night falls, new world rise. It was right there guys.

  14. Sarah Harris says

    Netflix is really going to use the Shawshank Redemption song to make me emotional?
    I already love these movies, now I'm obsessed with them.

  15. wonderdreamland says

    So looking forward to this!

  16. Fishbone _ says

    I already know i'm gonna love this show

  17. Diego Diegosovich says

    please atmos this!

  18. Javier M. says

    okay Netflix

    I'm hyped.

  19. Jerry Smith says

    No Morgen Freemen? I’m out!

  20. Almighty_ Jones says

    Brought to you by Bravo Six

  21. **PreCIson FOrcE says

    for those of you who have a 4k oled hdr tv
    we enjoying this exquisite watch and view

  22. B T says

    Love this!

  23. Berk Günay says

    where ıs the rise of empires ottoman you must upload fragment about it

  24. Berk Günay says

    where ıs the rise of empires ottoman you must upload trailer about it

  25. Betty Berrington says

    пока смотрела три раза мурашки по коже пробежали. впечатляет

  26. Matheus Polito says


    A Remarkable Man




  28. Isaiah James says

    No Sir Davisd Attenborough I'm crying

  29. Ashish says

    But it's not David Attenborough 😭

  30. Tecer İrem Arslan says

    Is the narr ator cate blanchett? I thought i heard her voice

  31. mo KAY says

    “All around the PLANT”

  32. Rakesh Kalaghatagi says

    Who's the composer?

  33. Dev Kumar says

    Watching at night

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