Katy Perry – Roar (Official)

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Fonte: Canal do Youtube de KatyPerryVEVO

  1. Chauhan Reena says

    Kety's looking very beautiful in long hair….👌😚 rather than boycut hair style

  2. Life is Amazing Without Effort says

    Best song evah

  3. Butchy Money says

    Am I the only one who like the Tiger vs Katy perry 🤔

  4. Young Sol says


  5. america juarez garcia says

    Me encanta el vídeo

  6. angel mayen says


  7. Gabriel Master4 says


  8. sha rif says

    I love u katy

  9. gladi opúa says

    Come on guys 3 billion💪

  10. jawad ali says

    Life is beautiful but really short.
    Prepare for the day of the reckoning judgement.

  11. jawad ali says

    Greed is the source of all evils.
    Live your life purposefully.
    Don't waste your time.

  12. Sarah Wolf says

    My friend would be the one taking pictures

  13. Adolfo Naim Matus Maldonado says

    very good katy perri

  14. baseballsux2 says

    Not bad. Dig the girl power, but this ain't half the song "Fingerprints" is.

  15. Giovana minegril fofinha says

    I love you

  16. Lamponen Army says

    i use to love this song but being older it makes no sense

  17. evesgarden peace says

    Good morning to

  18. Bryan Giovanni Calderón González says

    Eres hermosa y cantas chido

  19. Swavy216 says

    The demons in my house waiting to turn of the light😭

  20. Kathryn Watkins says

    And its a good song

  21. Kathryn Watkins says

    I'm danceing to this song for warrn roads got talent

  22. ahyan says

    subscribe. routs of shami

  23. Braxtonhamblen says

    I hate this song

  24. Jaqueline Teste says


  25. bobby watson says

    2034 anyone ?

  26. Cinthia Y Nathalia Bff Plascencia Nungaray says


  27. Juss BRAVO official says

    🔵 The tune is so simple yet catchy asfffffff!!! FYI, I am blowed rn . . .

  28. Andre Cazorla says


  29. Jaroslav Tyl says

    Ses nadherna proto to sleduju

  30. Aref RUFill Alshanty says

    10M + 1 Likes….

  31. Dark King says

    Hello it's October 2019 🧡🍂🍁

  32. Bricci Santamaria says

    What is realy good 👍👍Im Brissi

  33. Toto Takto says

    holy cow almost 3 BILION views

  34. myli 123 says

    Alguém do Brasil?

  35. Alexa Wall says

    This song just makes me laugh and makes me think of Horrible Bosses 2 XD

  36. Ilary Corzo says


  37. Juampy Lombardi says

    SUBCRIBANSE A Milenarda_
    SUBSCRIBE TO Milenarda_

  38. Joe Pineda says

    Thar is COOL

  39. SrPanda says

    Amazing Song 👌

  40. Renad MRA7.agool says




  41. Artsy clover says

    I didn’t realise how old this was oh wow

  42. Panda Lover YT says

    who else hates Ariana Grande??


  43. Kluseczka Patryka says

    Love ❤👌

  44. Brallbrow Bora de ps4 says

    Nice very 😉

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