MORBIUS Trailer (2020)

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  1. Docibal says

    So Morbius could be the new Doctor Who companion ? 🤔

  2. Serpent says

    No captions=Half understood!

  3. isaac mitchell says

    Yo I didn't know doctor who was in marvel

  4. Death pool Xxx says

    He literally turned into batman

  5. LeBurger muncher says

    Not a fan that it’s Leto

  6. Phillip says

    So no actual monster face looking character till near the very end of the movie I imagine….because effects are expensive….

  7. Jatin Bansal says

    Sony Marvel Disney ughhhh…. This shit's tough

  8. King Man says

    Did I just noticed vulture and spider man

  9. andrew marquez says

    He might just suck at making movies bout VILLAINS

  10. Benzigar Calvin says

    So, Joker became BAT man


    IS THIS castlevania lord of shadows??????????????????????

  12. Anik Halder says

    WTF!I have to read more about him now.Not only physical strength but a bit of magical/dimensional strength he's got.

  13. VatsalThePirate says

    I'm Batman!
    No, I'm actually,
    Oh F*ck!

  14. Asrofi Al Kindi says

    Payam Golshiri

  15. unknown boy says

    Soo cheap they used vür hanusen

  16. Keep It Riyal says

    so after the joker broke up with Harley Quinn, he became man bat

  17. Taimur Zahid says


  18. Karim says

    Another fucking weird Marvel superhero!

  19. Parker Pshebnisky says

    This movie has some potential.

  20. Sunil Thakor says

    1:22 theme🥂🔥

  21. Wren Fonsaco says

    Gotta say, Marvel's Batman looks really great

  22. Why So Serious ? says

    Ye Spiderman universe se connected h

  23. Brendo says


  24. ahad sheik says

    Morbius spider Man home coming venom that's will be a great movie of 2020🤩

  25. Raji Ms says

    Whose excited to see venom 2 trailer

  26. Lubmus says

    2:01 is that spiderman????

  27. Scott Bursey says

    Look The Joker is the golden standard of comic based movies…Knowing it won’t be topped, I’ll just hope this is a decent story.

    I’m pretending like Leto Joker never happened

  28. #N00BMASTER69 says

    Bruce Wayne: I'm Batman.

    Michael Morbius: Hold my Fangs…

  29. Abdalrahman Akoob says

    Wait ….
    The offered him to play a comic charcter again after he played joker charcter in SS

  30. Abhijit Sarma says

    2:31 vulture??

  31. Denny Hrt says

    Messiah : "Noticed you copied my beard…?"

  32. cyber6sapien says

    I can't get enough of this trailer! And that Beethoven in the background is 🔥 🔥 !!!!

  33. darren676767 says

    Jared shit for brains and vampires. This looks like a steaming pile of crap. I won't be wasting my money on this one.

  34. Ayush Rauniyar says


  35. Thomas Jackson says

    This movie better be rated R

  36. Crime master Go Go says

    Used to watch nineties Spiderman animation where I was introduced to this character morbius and it seems legit a fitting role for Jared letto💪👍.
    P.S: suicide squad was a shiity movie.

  37. Shashikanth Santh says

    New era has began

  38. Kyle Welch says

    Next thing you know Morbius becomes a member of the new sinister six. It's coming people

  39. Fardin Allam says

    Did we just gonna ignore the Fur Elise remix kinda music in this trailer???

  40. Dr.T. Fatima says

    Looks like Marvel's batman

  41. Jason Casarez says


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