League of Legends | Warriors Season 2020

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  1. JoBlo Movie Trailers says

    Warriors: We are warriors. Season 2020 has begun.
    #LeagueOfLegends #Season2020

  2. Мухтар Шалабаев says

    Не играю в игры, но трейлер божественный

  3. kenyanr1 says

    Movie or game?

  4. Yavuz Suer says

    Reıs gunahıbı aldım kb yav

  5. [*Sneider*] says

    Solo para vistas jaja

  6. lucskiwalki bigos says

    We did not See urgots grab power ):

  7. MrBdericks says

    This video gave me chills. Very well done!

  8. Shiraz Uddin says

    Why all these characters are resembles to Mobile legends Bgame

  9. son chu says


  10. Jeremy Wilkins says

    Is this an actual movie trailer? Looks stunning

  11. Xico Penha says

    É disso que homem gosta ?

  12. Grant Howard says

    I don't even play League and this looks sick.

  13. Obin says

    why did you just repost that video on your channel, you just stole the video to get views

  14. Scott Adams says

    Galio at the end omg

  15. Alex Soul says

    This trailer will make any feminist pro-"strong woman" SJW have an orgasm…. lol Because women are soooo much into videogames, what's the percentage? 10%?

  16. Column Stupid Bread Oven says

    When’s the movie out

  17. Morgana says

    3:01 cuando vez la ulti del galio 25/0 en plena tf

  18. baransel İlgin says


  19. rui oliveira says
  20. rui oliveira says
  21. ceren çiftçi says


  22. TetaDeMéu says

    Ficou bem fiel, principalmente a Lux ultando no nada

  23. Santiago Dip says

    Ezreal y kaisa
    "Report ez yo gané adc"
    " ia weon report kaisa autolockeo la esta puro webiando 9 repor y gg acc bye troll inmundo culiao, nargentino tenia ke ser la wea con razon perdieron las malvinas te sacaron la cresta losingleses weon, voy a ir a estudiar a tu pais y a tener hijos gratis aa y gracias por los doctoresweones ke mandai a ayudar en el terremoto weon"

  24. warriors 02 says


  25. doggo says

    Damn that have me a goosebump

  26. Martin Rössler says

    This is fcking perfect

  27. nyanduck lionbuck says

    I wish they made these more violent and gorey, like it woulda been cool to see vi actually get pulled into urgot

  28. You Fun says

    Riot have an obsesion whit lux

  29. Rox 'Z says


  30. sary mansour says

    this is incredible !!!!, i feel im in this story for a long time who wants league of legends to do a movie for lol ? (like)

  31. Jostin Sosa says


  32. Jostin Sosa says

    I isolate my skin

  33. Jostin Sosa says


  34. shogun says


  35. mustache cake says

    that sylas tho
    i'm wet

  36. martincros 2 says

    wenardo de nascar amigo

  37. wolf wolf says

    That's one hell of a GALIO

  38. Texugo says


  39. Ŵańtéd says


    As a child

    You would wait

    And watch from far away

    But you always knew

    thay you'd be the one

    that work while they all play

    ın youth you'd lay

    awake at night and scheme

    of all the things

    that you would change

    but it was just a DREAM!

    Here we are

    don't turn away now

    We are the warriors

    that built this town

    Here we are

    don't turn away now

    We are the warrios

    that built this town

    ( FROM DUST! )




    Here we are!

    don't turn away now

    We are the warriors

    that built this town

    We are the warriors

    that built this town

    ( From Dust! )

    "Lux Ulti"


  40. Homer Simpson says

    This song is so bad for this cinematic

  41. Alexndr Yer says

    Когда в команде все аутисты, а ты люкса на саппорте с маджай)

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