GRETEL & HANSEL Official Trailer (2020) Horror Movie

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  1. White Devil Rants And Reviews says

    Hansel and Gretel*

    No one , not even woke Hollywood will ever change my mind. They'd be smart to fix the title.

  2. James Lyman says

    Okay, but they could've made the house a little more inviting, no?

  3. James Lyman says


  4. Andrew Gonzalez says

    Does anyone really know this story though?

  5. PalmerWhit says

    I bet the boy gets eaten in some nod to radical feminism.

  6. yknight says

    That's a mean looking witch! Can't wait to see it!

  7. Courtney Henley says

    Looks really creepy

  8. MRMRMOYE says

    That's not milk….

  9. Defcon One says

    Another remake… /sigh. Nothing original anymore.

  10. Helena Wayne says

    You got to be kidding!!! GRETEL and Hansel???? Really??? It has always been titled HANSEL and Gretel…this feminazi crap it getting out of hand

  11. Mori Brown says


  12. random cambion says

    Watched the whole movie from the trailer

  13. Shadow Taka says

    ok this is dark

  14. Sterling Archer says

    of course the girls name is switched to be first, of course the girl is much older unlike the story and is the leader taking care of her idiot kid brother, of course the girl has short hair and looks like a boy

  15. bengalibadass says

    Didn't they make this movie some years ago, with Jeremy renner?

  16. Tri Ngo says

    Hopefully it's good…it looks corny and low budget.

  17. sly says

    Some old lady started plucking my pubes once

  18. Ислам медия канал [Верующие] says

    Allah this God! Satan say monsters evil, hell! Satan not frend, Allah beutifull God. Satan crazy… my god is Allah! Big Allah! Satanic not frend.. satan you monster

  19. Juice Colored says

    The clothing used in this film does give modern and historical vibes which is shown in the boys cap ( hat in the modern era) and the dress used by most of them. Hoping to watch it tho since it’s still scary af

  20. Richard Perez says

    PG13 🙁
    Should be R

  21. jocone123 says

    So Gretel gets top billing now huh?

  22. Diana Libsack says

    Hi. A quiet place 2 seems 2 be a great movie! It has lots of action.I luv action movies.& horror movies as well. I thnk its going 2 be a great Hit at the theatres.

  23. Isoria .J says

    This better be good if it's being released on my birthday

  24. Scott Sumers says

    This could ve so cool with out all the shit

  25. Aiman Iqbal says

    Look its beverly from the loser club, so this is before IT chapter 2 before pennywise come back to life

  26. Frank White says

    Believe it or not there was a time when Americans used to make awesome movies. Not so much anymore since the Dept. of Defense took over funding Hollywood. Now they make garbage to turn its populace into Virginia Slims.

  27. Aiman Iqbal says

    I knew this hansel and gratel would be badass fighter and can kill witches, oh wait!, they're just normal kids

  28. Kristal Price says

    I looks good but it just a preview…does not really means a thing

  29. troffmeister68 says

    looks pretty fucked up !

  30. Fritzy Nesta says

    Looks good but will suck

  31. Johnson Aak says

    Ok I’m ready

  32. Don Lucchese says

    Spooky af. Good work

  33. Daniyal Shah says

    OMG, can something be this bad? Wow.

  34. Animal Love says

    this is Sophia lillis ( beverly marsh from stephen kings IT) 🙂 nice

  35. yitzi bunick says

    If this movie does well, we will release..

    "Pigs the 3 little"

  36. bruno delsolar says

    So dark and satanic, I LOVE IT !!!!!!!!!!!

  37. Shrekie Shreeman says

    Probably never gonna talk to my grandma ever again

  38. I Love You says

    And then they become a Witch hunter.

  39. Joy Gill says

    That actor who plays the witch used to be the most beautiful woman, they know their makeup!!!!!

  40. Stagger Lee says

    Looks visual striking on the hand and super boring on the other. I guess nothing will beat the Witch (2015) but I will give it a try

  41. Allan Howard says

    Looks good tired of the comic books movie crap

  42. Leyli Queen says

    Il a l’air trop bien

  43. antmagor says

    OK, looks fantastic and I can’t wait to see it, but I have a complaint. Films like this need to come out in OCTOBER! There of been a lot of really high-quality suspense/horror films in the past few years, but they don’t come out in October. In October we need fun stuff to go and see you at Halloween, That is something besides these mindless slasher films that just replicate an over exploited formula.

  44. JOEY GREEN says

    I saw this and started to do the robot

  45. Ernesto Wuysang says

    It’s hansel and gretel you uneducated swine

  46. William Vono says

    Lol the sjw’s didn’t like the idea of a boys name being in front of a girls, so they switched the title

  47. Furry Diaper says

    I think they were drunk making the title of this movie.

  48. Daretobestupid says

    Now who's hungry for pastries?

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