Veja os trailers dos filmes que estréiam este mês

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Fonte: Canal do Youtube de Movieclips Trailers

  1. jerinho says

    how all these great movies compete each others in a tight period?

  2. Jon Berg says

    Asian guy from American Pie

  3. Mike M says


  4. Health Tips24 says

    movieclips trailers….
    awesome movie…sir

  5. Technicallyimright says

    I can’t wait for Like a Boss to flop and the producer to blame white, straight men.

  6. David D says

    Like a Boss = absolute rubbish.

  7. Delicate Chaos says

    Dr. Dolittle looks magical.

  8. Michael D'Auben says

    Wow. A whole month of nothing.

  9. CareBare Hair says

    "I don't want to understand women – women understand women and they hate each other" Al Bundy.

    And that is why I avoid films with female leads – and why studios should too…

  10. Media Buster says

    Of course NOTHING original…

  11. Starr Glisson says

    Tony Stark as Doctor Do Little, hahaha

  12. SavagesInMyTown says

    "from guy ritchie" pass

  13. MrDemon3434 says

    Wow so excited about all these crappy movies.

  14. mohan kumar says

    No superhero movie this year?

  15. Carlos Atausupa says

    January 2020:


    Happy new year MovieClips Trailer 🎉🎆2️⃣0️⃣2️⃣0️⃣

    January 2020!!.

  16. Ken aka KON Reeves says

    I will see The Assistant.. I am sure I will see the other movies at some point past 2020… I will never see Dolittle,, looks like crap!

  17. George Sciblo jr says

    Underwater looked ok

  18. Abdullah Activates says

    Girl: Are you Dr. Dolittle. RDJ:I am Iron man

  19. John Neiderman says

    Nothing worth watching

  20. Chris M says

    Well another year avoiding the box office, cinema is dead.

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