Um lugar silencioso 2 Trailer (2020)

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  1. Faisal Ardhana says

    these monsters had ordered by the peaky f#cking blinders!!!

  2. Eliza Gaskell says

    Yes, no questions, no yes or not or maybe…its a definite YES I'm in.

  3. Montgomery Pottichen says

    I’m curious to wonder what anyone would do and what type of defense tactics that are deadly could be performed to evil foreign entities such as those, to be honest it’s important to take the time and think about how weak today’s humanity really is, and it’s very important to actually get people(every one on planet Earth) to be like minded enough to prepare for something that catastrophic. Sadly it seems that everyone doesn’t care about what’s out there beyond the stars’, and that could lead to a cataclysm. I truly hope our government will disclose all of the facts that we have never been taught before, I hope those facts will be taken seriously and are understood well. Because looking at today’s society, a cataclysm is just dying to invade us all. Please take this seriously.

  4. Lori Gilbert says

    Wow! This looks awesome! Can't wait to see it!

  5. Golden Experience Requiem says

    Vietnamise flashbacks

  6. TheDollmaker28 says

    Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes!

  7. Erjay Carso says

    Hahahah dusty-bun is in the movie 😂👌

  8. BladeRnR10 says

    Star Wars: The Rise of What Was That Again?

  9. Tito Brozzi says

    Only two should be left this time

  10. Grigory Fazz says

    Would’ve been so cool and hilarious to see Dwight Schrute

  11. Jesrel Araña says

    Like nyo kung gusto nyo full movie

  12. z34MOE says

    The grand island bridges, Akron, and olcott. Awesome this film was shot in wny

  13. Hollow Kanti says

    I dont get it. Didnt they find a way to instakill these things in the first movie? It makes no sense to make a sequel.

  14. East Wind says

    Was this really necessary?

  15. Rashmi Gurung says

    How can someone be so pretty

  16. Owlcitylove2001 Booboo500 says

    A quiet place 2 looks so good I cannot Wait to see it I. Theaters 🎭!!!…🥵😡🤬😭😱😱😱😱😱😱😱👽👽

  17. AquariusDiva ** says

    Didn’t they figure out how to kill the monsters tho? Like is there no governments or scientists left to contact so that word can be spread? Also, maybe it’s just cause they wanted to keep the trailer to the point, I saw barely any scenes with the deaf daughter. I hope she doesn’t die 🙁

  18. Tubey Human says

    Should of just made it all a prequel! Really dig into it

  19. Danilo Pereira says

    damn djimon hounson is in all the movies

  20. Santa _ says

    0:10 I already love it

  21. fst power66677 says

    Should make a game out of this it would be fun

  22. Kalina Otai says

    The whole trailer I was thinking it was bird box. Forgot about the title

  23. Phant Philipp says

    Wait what

  24. PrettyRed Gemini says

    When does this come out????

  25. Autonomous UI J.C says

    Why tf she doing duck lips?

  26. Esteban García Rodríguez says

    Another film to only make money

  27. Austin Rausch says

    I’ve already watch the first one with my friend and we were like I bet there’s going to second one and look there is I’m definitely going to watch this

  28. Pao Pao says

    Im in

  29. MM _insani says

    Can't wait!!

  30. Kieran olsson says

    Must watch….

  31. Dwight McKenzie says

    Well its gotta be good of it has Emily Blunt…!!!

  32. Salamander Myth says

    Is the continuation of the part 1 or the different story…
    I am that is the same series part 2

  33. Clinton Ordeniza says


  34. Drew Jensen says

    I am so excited for this second part. What an interesting story frame.

  35. Neon_Radd_Catcher says

    Almost has an I Am Legend vibe where in that Will Smith film, it showed us flashbacks at the beginning on how the apocalypse started.

    Also, I just love how this trailer doesn't give too much away like the trailer for the first movie.

  36. Boo Real says

    Shit I haven't even watched the first one yet 🤬

  37. Brandan honda says

    I can't FREAKING wait!!!!

  38. Enzo Gorlami says

    Did youuu seeee that buuuugg? I mean it was HUGE! – Tiny Elvis

  39. David Johnson says

    The ad for this trailer was the trailer 😂

  40. StarSet The last stander!! says


  41. lucaonerism says

    The search for more money continues

  42. Wilson Hex says

    So this time we’re getting more story and lore? Nice.

  43. Dillzzy says

    I don’t think I should watch this at 1 an

  44. Mythical says

    Yoda: there is another..

  45. WTF_yada! says

    Well that was fast….

  46. Nikashz Ganesan says

    Is it the prequel?

  47. Sakthi Vel says

    Super trailer.

  48. Thanh Bui says

    Saw the ad for the trailer while I was waiting for the actual trailer. Well played.

  49. Carlos Atausupa says


    Happy New shhh 🤫…..

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