SONIC THE HEDGEHOG: Baby Sonic- Official TV Spots + Trailer (NEW 2020)

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  1. Eugene Godzilla says

    Baby one

  2. Elizabeth Wagner says

    1:15 "If they steal my power they, can concur the universe!"

    Me:…🤨you run fast…that's not a "power" worth stealing

  3. B u b b l e g u m says

    Baby sosig

  4. Shaggy Core66 says

    Why isn’t there any English version to this trailer? I wanna understand what the narrator is saying!

  5. the official mark and sonic says

    Baby Groot:I am Groot
    Baby Sonic:I'm sonic The Hedgehog

  6. *I Love anime* *boye* says

    No idea what he’s saying

  7. Sonic1132 Saed says

    Sonic Baby😍😍😍 Movie

  8. Sonic1132 Saed says

    Sonic Baby Movie

  9. Tiana Roberge says


  10. maxthekit uchiha says

    Why is this in Japanese

  11. georgian gamer says

    Me: Sonic the hedgehog is anime

    Also me: exited Pikachu face

  12. Renaldo King says

    Bady Sonic is truely cute, okay anyone deny such a small and adorable Hedgehog like that.

  13. Seabass says

    Aww baby sonic looks cute, I don’t want to imagine how the original sonic would as a baby…😬

  14. Red05baron says

    In japanese?

  15. xenoverse the hedghog says

    Sonic mania music really?

  16. David Price says

    Sonic looks cute as baby.

  17. Tecno Sonic says

    This is cool I don't know when they will do a trailer with the English version

  18. TheBronyInterviewer says


  19. Anix Nduka says

    Paramount: listens to fans and makes Sonic's design better

    Me: surprised pikachu face

  20. Bees Meliss says

    I prefer this Sonic Design than the previous one. It's closer to the original. The previous was kinda good, just a bit out.

  21. Eythan Venegas Huanca says


  22. Elizângela Alencar de oliveira lili says


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