The Age of A.I. | Official Trailer

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  1. Fik Pickles says

    I robot series
    Robert Downey Jr.

  2. samrat taksande says

    Sponsored by Marvel's studio

  3. amor pila says

    My goodness Project Insight
    Captain Rogers will get mad of this


    Everytime that i see this video the audio is not working

  5. Iday says

    Skynet is coming…. Be carefull…

  6. sanju 55 says

    Artificial intelligence 🎉

  7. shadoww 1613 says

    we are building robots..,who will soon invade us! 😌

  8. Shirahoshi Neptune says

    "There is only one path to peace.Your extinction."

  9. 녹서스1짱 says

    썸네일 아오오니인줄 알았다 손?

  10. edilberto boniza says

    The propecy will came true. The end is near for us humanity.

  11. 왕씨 says

    나는 한국인

  12. lalit prajapati says

    i want to thank all guys who are serving the world for facilitating human your work guys

  13. wawan setiawan says

    Humanity will perish.. AI is the solution

  14. Smallstudio Design says

    Isn’t all just a little too peachy, keen & squeaky clean Disney wonderful?
    Gimme a break … we’re so excited for the next level of mass enslavement.
    I’ll be happy to pop myself off before I succumb … or not, because I know how to live off grid without digital technology … it dies the scare me … I feel sorry for those who know nothing more than digital dependence. So sad.

  15. ALI SK says


  16. Bhanuprasad Pathivada says

    We are live in final stage of life..

  17. Prasad Nayak says

    I hope Ultron is not born from this AI

  18. Tombasana Soraisam says

    AI should stop. Sex with AI robot can't produce our next generation. If AI robot increases , also decreases our job in future. Please stop unnecessary uses of AI. If not , one day we will be under the control of AI in future.

  19. krisnn says

    Detroit become human(this is the name of game).
    is it gonna happen?
    Ok only god knows :/

  20. freeplayer GAMING says

    Technology? Hah, what the stupid think

  21. TenshiAfterDie Xrem says

    Who need tank if you have gundam ?

  22. William 17 says

    La tecnología avanza pero
    ¿Y la humanidad?

  23. Adri Prasetyo says

    This is Detroit become human and Terminator all again.

  24. D Ch Thon says

    มันตั๊วะให้กูเข้ามาเบิ่ง หมาสี่แม่มึงเอย

  25. Sanu Haya says


  26. Talar dur says

    Tony stark fans like here

  27. Extreme Riders Jodhpur says

    I want my wife to be based on A.I. 😜

  28. Bogeng Lai says

    Robots is demon……

  29. manas dixit says

    They think they are very smart but actually they are dam fool they will take our job and our purchasing power will decrease and we are not going to buy their stuff their sale will go down and their company will close since robot will not buy this

  30. Michele Rodrigues says

    The end of human race !

  31. Angel Abdiel Rivera Muñoz says


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