1917 Final Trailer (2019)

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  1. Alex Brisbey Photography says

    There's not one theater playing it anywhere near me and i'm so pissed.

  2. Joel Glauser says

    Dope trailer 😤😤

  3. Jesse Lanter says

    What song is that in the trailer?

  4. Hạt Đậu says

    There is no one shot trailer for the one shot movie, finally? First to last are the same (':

  5. Tuco The rat says

    Send a carrier pigeon

  6. Melisa Mutlak11 says

    MUSTAFA KEMAL'in askerleriyiz!

  7. E Q says

    I can’t wait to watch this!! Looks amazing

  8. Isma Syafry Judin says

    This is how a trailer should be made …

  9. Quezbot Entertainment says

    Saving Private…

  10. Snoopdoug says

    Music giving me bfv vibes

  11. Rand Wulf says

    Looks amazing.

  12. Torrio Torres says

    Plz. Stop saying your heart was pounding the whole time. If its is not beating your dead. So please find a better way to express that you were interested in the movie decently.

  13. ad ad says

    does not even compare to the movie 1911

  14. Leanne Jackson says

    I cannot wait to see this film! Been watching the BTS clips and the filmmaking looks incredible. Definitely watching in cinema!

  15. Kelp Farming says

    The brits arrogance over the Germans naval presence started this nonsense. Germans may have lost but look at what England has become…a nation whose future isnt its native peoples but Pakistanis and Jamaicans. Yeh, What victory was won when you ve no longer an ethnic homeland? Germans still have theirs

  16. The President of The Internet says

    Not diverse enough, needs some trans Chinese wheelchair users

  17. Future Shock says

    This is the movie I've been waiting for Sam Mendes to make in a very long time, I'll forgive him for Spectre

  18. Nick Pesce says

    Cool Beans!

  19. AJ Obeidallah says

    I'm totally seeing that I've been Studying All about World war 1 so yeah this movie will definitely be a learning Experience for me.

  20. Brandon Clelland says

    I'll be watching this on IMAX

  21. Vlogs daises Falls says

    💓can't wait

  22. gargara77 says

    Modern time soldiers in WWI? Film about time machine?

  23. NISHANTH S says

    Thumbnail guy looks like Elon Musk

  24. Barry Smith says


  25. Kieran says

    I'm going to my neighbor's funeral soon. She was born in 1917.

  26. Joseph The Dreamer says

    I love it when someone cuts an insane trailer. Original, creative, tense and not giving too much away.

  27. LVRAAMV says

    Is that the movie that’s been shot continuously ?

  28. Always Lucky says

    Fck this, I'm tired of war movies of ww1 where the germans are the baddies

  29. The UnknownSG says

    The latest Battlefield 1 trailer looks amazing

  30. cha0s_dvl11 says

    That thumbnail looks like its taken out straight from the comic book lol

  31. Il krash says

    I don’t feel this

  32. Fudge Fantasy says

    Why are they CGI'd.?

  33. Owee Reviews says

    This movie is a goddamn masterpiece. It's Saving Private Ryan and Lord of the Rings mixed together if that makes any sense. If you're able to watch this movie early, do it.

  34. Yubi K. says

    This looks great.

  35. bobkatfan says

    Anyone know who sang the song?

  36. Cresent and star says

    This looks good

  37. MegaKamandi says

    totally has that stanley kubrick paths of glory vibe

  38. Shaun Twed says

    Fancy Releasing it on Christmas Day!!! Piss Poor Planning…..

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