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Fonte: Canal do Youtube de Trek Central

  1. yw1971 says

    0:29 – Elrond?

  2. Justin says

    Thumbs down it because we have that tech now and forever lol and it was in to me before this us was here

  3. Rainbow Spooder says

    I want to see Q or his son in there AT LEAST once.

  4. Dax arms says

    If you look at the old person lying on the bayou bed and telling Captain Picard to find a truth looks like John De Lance AKA Q from the continuum

  5. Arend-Jan Smit says

    So a Mary Sue character…. blue borg cubes. I think I'll skip and rewatch old Trek.

  6. Wynter Fyre says

    I'm already over this "Daj" woman. It's called "PICARD"…not "Random Woman You're Supposed to Care About".

  7. RikkyCZ says

    wtf Elf in Star Trek…

  8. RandomerJoeSoap says

    That Borg looks nothing like Locutus, not even slightly. What are you talking about??

  9. Eddie Hancock says

    The borg is Hugh. The planet is Kelvin timeline Vulcan in a flashback.

  10. Laurie Swanson says

    Data looks fat, and. ricker gotton old

  11. Mitchell Abercrombie says

    We've seen a lot of references to Mars throughout these trailers. The children of mars short trek, the orange planet etc… Which means that this could be the place that Star Fleet offered to the Romulan refugees

  12. Tyra Nnosaurus says

    My theory is that planet is a Borg planet. Picard is reacting to it like it's hurting him and that makes sense that it would rock him in some way. He still maintains some kind of connection with them. Maybe still has implants that just couldn't be removed due to the risk of the procedure. The planet being Borg would also explain the desert like appearance of the planet's surface. Could be Romulus being bombarded by the supernova Spock tried to prevent.

  13. mintydog06 says

    This show looks bad

  14. Sean Greaves says

    Excellent break down. So on scene 6:20 where 7 of 9 is firing two Type-2 Phaser rifles in the bar. You can clearly see on her right(our left) two blue drinks. They are most likely Romulan Ale, which would make sense about the bar and Romulan's only.

  15. mrXOwarrior says

    Are you really named after cheese?

  16. lepompier132 says

    @Trek Central, In Canada we're suppose to get Picard on CTV Sci-fi channel, just like Discovery.

  17. SIR WALTER II says

    I'm not used to hearing Riker address Picard by his first name Jean-Luc.

  18. Jolly Green says

    A romulian who looks like a Lord of the ring elf. Already the show has failed

  19. James Carmichael says

    I just got the feeling they'll do the predicable thing and turn him into a depressed and bitter old man like Wolverine, Luke Skywalker and the like. I'll reserve Juedgement until I see it obviously, but first impressions are important.

  20. SpockMcoy Issmart says

    I'm not paying a 2nd time for CBS shows……….with production costs per episode high, they'll need a certain amount of paying people or it will die quickly.

  21. Tasty Not tasty says

    I think I will stick to pre 2009 star trek.

  22. John Prusko says

    The Borg at the start was NOT Locutus …

  23. Tristan Smith says

    Bird of prey, not Warbird. These old TOS era romulan ships were bird of prey's

  24. Rich Murphy says

    30 days and Counting!!!!

  25. Wouter d.B. says

    Meh, it looks like JJ's style.

  26. Andrew Demetrius says

    That looks more like what species 8472 did to a red planet in Voyager…….

  27. Alex Homes in Hinesville says

    The man laying on the medical bed looks awfully similar to doctor Julian Bashir

  28. Jaklas 1979 says

    planet from star trek voyager episode Scorpion? Species 8472?

  29. Gavin Nielson says

    Why have this video available to view in Australia but not the teaser trailer poor form in this day and age… disgusted

  30. James Burke says

    Bring back the enterprise

  31. Gezoes says

    I am bracing myself for another round of old characters getting killed off and new flashy karate kids taking over.

  32. Marshall Monroe says

    Dominion war 2 maybe later in the series?

  33. Jaanfo says

    7:33: Why would the Romulans have commandeered those ships? I think it would make much more sense if a subdivision of Starfleet itself (Section 31?) or just a handful of rogue officers destroyed the evacuation fleet out of a distrust or dislike for Romulans (Think back to The Undiscovered Country and the "Let them die" sentiment many Starfleet officers had toward the Klingons). This would certainly have been the amount of betrayal from within Starfleet that would drive Picard himself to quit the organization and seek out a quiet life employing homeless Romulans on his family's vineyard.

    This would also explain Romulans having a grudge against humans (not wanting them in their bar), and It certainly makes more sense than the Romulans themselves destroying the best chance of their species being saved…

  34. IG REMAN Gaming says

    Finally a Star Trek show that doesn’t start in the past, we finally get to see the how the future turned out for the TNG, Voyager, DS9 time lines. Finally we get to move forward… 👍🖖👌💗

  35. fred soksabay says

    in most SciFi Earth Mars always get into a conflict

  36. Devo 21 says

    Why does this broad keep saying “Jonathan Franks” she cant really be a Star Trek fan if she can’t even get the actors name right 😂

  37. Pheej L says

    They should digitally de-age Picard just a tad bit, like a decade younger.

    And I want to watch this show, but don’t want to support Amazon.

  38. Scout III says

    His name is Jonathan Frakes, not Franks. 🙄

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