JOHN HENRY Official Trailer (2020) Ludacris, Terry Crews Movie

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  1. HeavenOrHell74 says

    What the hell is that thing on Luda's face

  2. Smooth Operator1430 says

    Everybody hates chris S-5 😂😂

  3. specUVdust says


  4. Word on the Street says

    Looks terrible

  5. mccraejoey82 says


  6. Sammeh Dabdoub says

    Any movie with luda Chris and Terry crews is a good movie 👌🏼

  7. Omar Hudson says

    This looks awful. And when will people admit Ludacris can't act.

  8. Tyler Jhonson says

    I thought this was gonna be a sci-fi movie cause of Ludacris looking like he gave head to c3 po ended up with a bad case of robot herpes lol

  9. Tyler Jhonson says

    This guys went and brought guns, and ammo, to a sledgehammer fight lol

  10. Sushant Saklani says

    Watching Terry on TV in Brooklyn 99 at this exact moment ,😁

  11. Dubious says

    If i watch this. It's because of terry

  12. Jontra Volta says

    Why use Ludacris…🤦🏽‍♂️ trailer looked promising and then Luda showed up 😂. Went from interesting to cringe just like that. Damn you Luda!!!!!

  13. farish_ trace says

    yo whats the song

  14. Stanville Brown says

    Just bring back Luke Cage.

  15. James Handley says

    I just watch Nolan’s Tenet then I got see this crap 💩 to ruin my mood 🤦🏽‍♂️

  16. loveinspired7 says

    I've seen this Brother play in nothing but comedies for years…
    He BETTER pull this off…it's already looking kind of 'campy'.

  17. yorusama5011 says

    I was expecting the power rangers to show up…. O_o

  18. JackOnTits says

    So basically a black John Wick.

  19. Alien : Sky says

    The only guy in the comments: Looks fine to me

  20. Brandon Palmer says

    I'm not buying it 😒

  21. Jagged Gent says

    this is going to end their careers sadly………

  22. rahul thakur says

    Terry crews movie. Consider me done.

  23. Steffan Bibbs says

    Your telling me they took a great black hero like JOHN HENRY‼️ a honest proud man that stood his ground against the soullessness of industrialism to provide for his family friends and coworkers and Hollywood made him into this. I am disappointed! Please if they’re are any indie film makers that see this Please I’m begging you. Bring justice to my childhood heroes tale!

  24. Arnold May II says

    Wow, this looks silly and boring.

  25. vishal sonawane says


  26. Zachary Cantrell says

    Looks good to me

  27. BacKYard sKy says

    That's gona be sweeet,,,pysc,,,they should of kept it Real and make it in the RIGHT time frame,,,like back in the 1800s

  28. Oh Lawd says

    Looks like Terry Crews and Ludacris decided to give up on acting, lol. 😂

  29. do says


  30. B. Pounds says


  31. heartbreakj 13 says

    So is this a black super hero movie?

  32. Art Fun with Blake says

    I think it’s better terry crews being in comedy movies

  33. The Yellow Aurora says

    What the fuck is even that

  34. Dushonne Watkins says

    This look low budget

  35. Show Hampton says

    Yeah this trailer doesn’t make me want to see this movie

  36. Adam Seccombe says

    Nigga stuff

  37. Sven Rhysis says

    Hahaha, this looks like a Funky Fingers Production!! POS

  38. #Here's Your TRIGGERWARNING says

    Luda looking like a lost Bond villain

  39. Nomad Lord says

    That thumbnail

  40. courtney parrish says

    Come on now! What happened to people thinking before writing. People are getting lazy! This movie is bs. Put Luda in a better movie

  41. Being Honest says

    Would make more if they sent this to Netflix

  42. son of the bride says

    STEEL remake!! TAKE THAT, SHAQ!!

  43. Madamelogicbombdropper Black Women Multimedia T.V. says

    Thank God they got a REAL black person to play this role.

  44. Clark Beliveau says

    Soo.. Am I gonna be forbidden to see this movie, or required to?

    Confused White Boomer, age 58.

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