TENET Trailer (2020) Robert Pattinson, Christopher Nolan Movie

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  1. Courtney C. says

    Let’s go John David 😩❤️ making your parents proud! I’m glad he’s doing more films

  2. SZKYYKZS † says

    which anime nolan copy this time?

  3. Melody Nellao says

    … Now this is what you call a trailer not that nonsense where you basically fit a whole movie into three minutes.

  4. Chyn-a*KorJa' says

    This is going to be 🔥

  5. Andy40058 says

    Un nuevo film de Nolan!!!! Ya lo espero con ansias!!!

  6. Millicent Koranteng-Yorke says

    Almost halfway through the trailer, haven't seen Robert but the guy who is in almost every frame has no name?

  7. Geek The Girl says

    According to Movie Coverage on YouTube, this latest Christopher Nolan mindfuck stars Robert Pattinson and some other guy who dominates the trailer. Subscribe? Uh…no thanks.

  8. WestNileSnipes says

    I’ve seen this trailer twice and I still don’t know what the hell this movie is about. I’m still pretty excited for it though.

  9. Kareem LeBaker says

    Nolan and time…

  10. clone 2k says

    Okay I get it, "tenet" is supposed to be a palindrome. Does this movie's theme revolve around that topic?

  11. Chris Small says

    Year next movie this watched I.

  12. Rafael Martin says


  13. daniel mukama says

    Once I saw Nolan's name…I was sold. He makes the most incredible movies. D.C should give him the next Supes movie….

  14. Meesha Brumfield says

    This looks dope!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  15. teng029 says

    i'm not sure what i just watched.. definitely a Christopher Nolan film.

  16. Stiles Winterhalder says

    I fucking love it already

  17. OdogExpo says

    Ten as a palindrome and upside down as a title is backwards. References in the trailer 'running towards a fire' are backwards. Imagery is backwards. Love this shit. Original content. Nolan deserves my measly ticket price every fucking time.

  18. ADF MO2 says

    Why isn’t John David Washington’s name headlining the title of this video? He clearly has the lead role…

  19. raymond mico says

    Might be better than inseption but its a hard one to top

  20. Victoria Wilson says

    1. This is the first time I’ve been excited for a movie in a really long time.

    2. I’m really happy for John Washington and Robert Pattinson. They are good actors who deserve to be in great work. I’m rooting for them through and through.

  21. Kimmylive 21 says

    Denzel Washington's son!!

  22. RandomNest says

    Oh man, I am so seeing this movie!
    BUT John David Washington is the lead star of this movie NOT Robert Pattinson. Get it right YouTuber….

  23. Joy Popoola says

    Please have a romantic love scene JDW!!!😍😍😍😍

  24. butjay11 says

    John David Washington, Robert Pattison, Christopher Nolan Movie.

  25. Crystal Osayande says

    Fleur DeLacour later became a scientist.

  26. Garland5 says

    Whoa….Nolan is BACK. Awesome cast here and at least there's one woman over 40 for good measure.

  27. Garrett Olson says


  28. 600firefly1 says

    Too confusing

  29. My Name says

    Interesting trailer. Bad casting

  30. Jett Life Productions says

    I came to this preview because of David Washington, not Robert Pattinson…stop hating

  31. stephanie waring says

    He sounds just like his dad. Scary.

  32. EJM3 says

    Looks like this could be another masterpiece for Nolan. The man never disappoints.

  33. S T says

    That’s a thinker

  34. Miranda Jones says

    Greatest movie Director on the Planet

  35. the Thrift store Cowboy says

    Feel like someone was playing a lot of control when they made this

  36. Constance Barkins says

    You had me at Kenneth Branagh

  37. Philip says

    Already seen the movie, the light just haven't reached my eye yet lol

  38. A Flick says

    None of this made any sense to me. Lol

  39. MerryMutant1990 says

    Y’all really going to disrespect John David Washington and not put his name on the title? I like Robert just fine but we see him for about 5 seconds, John deserves better.

  40. True Disaster says

    Nolan: Yes.
    WB: So, you want to make a film about reverse time?

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