GHOSTBUSTERS 3: AFTERLIFE Official Trailer (2020) Paul Rudd, Bill Murray

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Fonte: Canal do Youtube de Rapid Trailer

  1. Sum Gui says

    Ehhhh could be okay. So long as they at least bring back the original cast to help bust some ghosts at the end of the film I'll be happy. Combine the old WITH the new. Something the new Star wars movies idiotically didn't do.

  2. Akatechon says


  3. Danny K says

    is it me? I expected the old gb themesong to kick in somewhere in the trailer.

  4. saeed attar says

    Did anyone felt like they are watching an avengers trailer😂

  5. Wendy Martenson says

    Whew, disaster averted. Men, calm down, this one only have male ghost busters. You guys should be ok now. No worries

  6. Military History With Will 71 says

    Interesting remake, looking good 😎👏👏

  7. Friquido says


  8. Adam Averhart says

    Yeah if we could just have this and the original two and forget the other ever happened that would be great. Thank you. Lol

  9. Mark Simpson says

    You had me at: NYAARR NYAARR NYAARR

  10. Shastica says

    Can't stand the kid from Stranger Things

  11. Sill Idill says

    Yessss! I am so watching this 2020. Who else got goosebumps because the feel was similar to movies from the good old days 🙂 (i.e. the 1980's)

  12. Jesus Luna says

    So they fix the problem uh? Good good….

  13. Jamie York says

    Now this looks like a ghost busters movie!!!!!

  14. youhou2000youhou says

    SWX opening credits roll : "There hasn't been anything happening in the galaxy for the last 30 years …"

  15. Michael Smith says

    This looks way better than the all girl version.

    It's not a bash against women or those actors, as they did well. It was just a poorly written movie. It was campy and tried to hard.

    This will be much better

  16. catalyst Hypnosis says

    All story no agenda hello new franchise. Looks so cool you think a fan made it

  17. Arthur Agustin says

    can't wait to watch

  18. Shiin F says

    Sonic seems to have started a good trend of companies listening and fixing stupid design/casting

  19. Renegade Firehawk says

    Here's hoping this guy does better than Paul Feig

  20. MR GAMER KID_____2615 says

    I heard of ghostbusters but I never watched any movies but now that I saw this get me all the movies NOWWWW!!

  21. Fortified Mentality says

    The trailer alone looks better than the 2016 monstrosity.

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