Better Off Alone – Alice DJ

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Fonte: Canal do Youtube de Alice DJ

  1. adamtinweb says

    The bells, the bells the bells are going off !!!

  2. Maran Garlen Androci says

    vivi engañado 🙁
    play hard??:o

  3. yali brennan says

    techno techno and drugs 👊

  4. nick guo says

    what idiot leaves the road and goes into a desert without water…

  5. MidNiteR32 says

    1999. The year Trance music peaked, and never recovered.

    RIP Trance music.

  6. Darren Ho says

    Change my mind: The edms and club music of the 2000s are much better than the ones we have now.

  7. sanansoldier says

    This song is 20 years old but still 🔥🔥

  8. 31CROWNED says


  9. Роман says

    Где мой 18 лет….

  10. Артём Колдунов says

    Пацаны, кто из 2019?)

  11. Chingaling says

    I need a time machine just for this.

  12. Alexander Chiara says

    The wings West Covina , century club in century city the factory and stock exchange down town L.A good memory

  13. YouTuber rebuTuoy says

    Better off without the video game music.

  14. Alexandre Mahlmann says

    My name is Mahlmann…..Dj Mahlmann fron Brasil 🔊🔊🔊🔊

  15. TRU MAN says

    Electric Circus
    Auto tune

  16. Omar Lenin says

    Un clásico de los 90 , quién está escuchando en 2019, dale like tu si sabes de clásicos que nunca mueren

  17. Cynthia Swain says

    Love it💕💕💕💕💕💕

  18. Darkobert Dub says

    oh yeah i totally forgot about this one … lol shame on me — u.u

  19. Michael McKinley says

    novembre 2019 and beyond. alice i love you so much. be forever.

  20. heartlessflower says

    Such important and only Lyrics in this song 😭

  21. Alma Rebelde says


  22. Dhruv Shandilya says

    Watching it 20!9 ??

  23. AxeKick80 says

    I’m starting to wonder if I’m better off alone…🤔

  24. One Tops says

    Listen to the song Dot its matter It is a remix of this song and it sounds great.

  25. Lorenzo Lopez says

    Que chulada de rola

  26. Psychotic Psychedelic_87 says

    I jerk off alot…. I guess I'm better off alone lol

  27. yourresume says

    talk to me
    talk to me

  28. 3ne2nr4life says

    November 2019💯💯💯 iconic edm beat…

  29. Darkspoon Crow says

    It's funny how the lyrics are kind of sad and lonely but they are just so happy and colorful dancing around. Freaking early 2000s

  30. Gotchism 4Life says

    Vapid thot from 2019: Do you think you're better off alone?
    MGTOW: Yes!

  31. Lewi hartland says


  32. Six Eight Toast says

    Some one explain to me what in the actual green ranger fuck is happening here…..I do not remember this from my earlier years.

  33. BiggRedd Euro says

    Hola G. Bigg Redd Tucson, AZ. 85730 K. Never Seen this Video, until Tonight 🌟🌠

  34. Lightning Chan says

    I’m here from ‘Ponies the Anthology V,” which I watched a few years back
    I just watched it again to bring back MLP memories… I’m also watching Season 9 rn Hajjskskskksks-
    and what the hell is this

  35. jaden says

    why this song go hard tho

  36. Kauê e Papai says

    2020 🕺🕺🕺🕺🕺🕺🕺👏

  37. Radames Boscolo says

    Ciao Alice dj.

  38. Jose Serrano says

    Revenge of the 90s bate bué meu

  39. SwordsoftYT ROBLOX says

    Good music!

  40. Di4b0LiK4 Di4b0LiK4 says

    Since two days I couldn't get "talk to me, let me in" out of my head but I couldn't figure the song out I'm so happy i googled "uuuu talk to me"

  41. UNĐERTAKER says

    Song legend 4ever 🔥

  42. Javier Strive !!! says

    I'm Enjoying This Better Off Alone

  43. steven guzman says


  44. Alejandro Neri says

    I like the song who more in november 2019

  45. CANELO. JR says

    2019 what the listen

  46. Wesley Almeida says

    Nostalgia!! Brazil 2019!!🔥🔥

  47. Victor Guerra says


  48. mattmacias1980 says

    I heard this at A rave in California ( beyond wonderland ) best experience ever 🤯

  49. Thomas P says

    anyone else randomly come back in 2019

  50. Aspect Dank says

    Hitler listen to this while writing Minecraft: essential handbook

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