3022 Trailer (2019) Miranda Cosgrove Sci-Fi Movie HD

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  1. Бога Нет says

    даже не ищите и не тратьте время,фильм полное дерьмо без смысла и концовки!!!низко бюджетное дерьмо!!!бред,тупость и никакого интереса!!

  2. DD Angel says

    Blimey!!😮 It's Rufus from timeless!! 😄

  3. Jesse Bull says

    This was actually a good movie lol.

  4. Jimmyjoeandthegang says

    Is this the same technology they are using for that new movie with James Dean? Its good to see Michael Jackson acting again.

  5. Ben Henderson says


  6. Infinite Jack says

    space is fake!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. ProGamingProphecy says

    @01:04 If you look close enough, you can see a death star.

  8. obelix703 says

    Did they have some unused effects shots from the 90’s lying around and decided to use them in this movie?

  9. Ragman Jack says

    Insert Titan AE joke

  10. James Velasquez says

    Looks like a movie that isnt even worth pirating

  11. Pascal says

    B vent Horizon

  12. for_all_those says

    the writer/director isn't much of a visionary or a realist, if they think mankind will still be floating around in space in a tin can with rubbish solar panels in a thousand years, america might be, but not britain, get more power from a mini direct drive perpetual generator, then most solar panels https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KkV8QGU1UV4, wind turbine generators go upto 10MW per hour, the missing key for the last 0.04% to become true perpetual is thermo electric

  13. BoringMan says

    This will age well

  14. SeFu2006 says

    This trailer is trying way too hard

  15. Delfina Alvarado says

    Love Miranda cosgrove 😍

  16. Vanilladye says

    Not a good sign when your first billed actor is barely in the trailer.

  17. Arcane Atri says

    i really got to stop reading the comments in videos… everybody's always hating on everything without giving anything a chance these days. hope in humanity lost.

  18. Joe Petri says

    Damn Climate Change.

  19. Tattorack says

    You'd expect them to have Star Trek levels of technology and at least have a colony on one other extra solar planet in a thousand years.
    I mean, a thousand years is a LOOOOONNNNGGG time. Technology advances really quickly. So why does the movie look like it takes place just 50 years from now? ^^;

  20. Davesky19 says

    They should have played “Benson, Arizona” over this trailer. https://youtu.be/xs-jXgNHW7Y

  21. Milo the Jack Russell says

    Sarah from CSI las vegas!!!!

  22. fine93 says


  23. BeyondTheSaber says

    geez another one of these movies? no astronaut who passed their psych tests would react this way. its a tired setting that really needs to go away

  24. PowerhousePR says


    The END of the world……

    The Mayans know……stuff

  25. aarus910 says

    How they gonna put Miranda Cosgrove in the title and shes literally in 1 damn frame?

  26. Sergey Egorkin says

    No box office

  27. Dee Mos says

    Straight to Kodi

  28. Jason Kurtrix says

    Now those climate changes activists will use this film date to print point when the earth will end.

  29. Chris S says

    They could have led with Omar Epps name. Miranda was like in one scene.

  30. Anime Mula says

    Im glad to see Miranda on screen again but this basically a rip off of Cloverfield Paradox.

  31. D Gatley says

    Terrible film best bit is in trailer of earth going boommm🤯

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