EMMA Trailer (2020) Anya Taylor-Joy, Drama Movie

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  1. harunotodoroki says

    I didn’t know Emma is a comedy

  2. BasedNate says

    Finally, a remake of clueless.

  3. Kennedi says

    So weird seeing 2020

  4. Lis Maximo says

    I like the acting of Anya Taylor-Joy, I can not forget Nella (The Miniaturist 2017).

    She is a really talented actress.

  5. michaela marini says

    Fantastic trailer! Nice to watch one once in a while

  6. Small Umbrella In The Rain says

    BBC series with Romola Garai as Emma is my favorite. I might give this ago. Emma is talkative and friendly but sometimes arrogant and childish. Novel has a big emphasis on the growth of the character. It is difficult to adapt it to a film.

  7. Sarah Brooks says

    Omg as I'm currently reading Emma, I needed this!!!!
    And this movie seems interesting

  8. meerespflanzen says

    She’s like a blonde Kendal Jenner

  9. lea says

    me: might watch this
    sees Callum Turner
    me: am watching this

  10. Bint Al Mulla says

    Naaah it's a little boring😕

  11. Erica Duignan says


  12. jeanne rose says



  13. Sanam Jamshidi Nawaz says

    Oh hello prince Charles

  14. I_eat_ppl_ _ says

    Anyone else thinking


  15. Carol Pellow says

    PLEASE stop taking wonderful stories and making silly silly movies out of them!!!!!!

  16. Sarah Harris says

    I didn't really care for this, then I saw Bill Nighy the fucking guy. BILL BILL!

  17. B : says

    the trailer doesn’t even tell us what the movie is about lmaooo

  18. devon! says

    they could have at least made knightley cute anya could eat that man for breakfast

  19. Aenea says

    What's the music? I can't remember, but I've heard it somewhere.

  20. Julia Nyström says

    Fuuuuuuuuuuck meeeeee ugh this looks too good

  21. Kevin Bosco says

    Jane Austen novels are eternal

  22. Lee Serberg says

    YES, finally a trailer that shows so little of the movie, you can ACTUALLY watch it and not be bored

  23. Stacey Elder says

    Remakes themselves are getting a little tiring, but honestly I cant see what the point of a remake of a book set way in the past even does. The 1996 version is great. Clueless was also great, if they were doing a sort of reboot like that, I'd sort of get ot but to remake a classic version makes zero since, are you going to make it look MORE like the past, will there be more horses? More carriages? More lines from the novel? In the immortal words of Cher herself, "As if!"

  24. hippient says

    oh, look, it is the Witch!

  25. Anna Björn says

    The trailer doesn’t give a lot of hope for the movie 😐 hope the trailer is bad and the movie nice

  26. marylizabetha says

    I love how much less genteel she seems than Gwyneth Paltrows version!

  27. Azire C says

    The best adaptation was bbcs Emma series. The actress was had the mannerisms of Emma perfected. This actress looks and acts too cheeky and arrogant for emma. She's supposed to be intelligent and clueless. She doesn't want to be caught while rolling her eyes. I can already tell by the trailer they've lost some of her essence

  28. Badia says

    Swag 😁

  29. johnnyforeigner33 says

    Miranda as Miss Bates is a genius bit of casting

  30. round chicken says

    I love this!!!! Great to see Anna in a period piece

  31. KT Eff says

    Is that Johnny Flynn? Im quite partial to Johnny Flynn.

  32. Jessica Moore says

    Her eyes are just so weird, looks intriguing though.

  33. Haylee Costen says

    SUCH NEWS!!!

  34. Emily Ramsay says

    Emma is one of my least fave Austen novels, but this trailer was fire and the casting looks awesome. I hope it's quirky and fun!

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