Antebellum Teaser Trailer #1 (2020)

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  1. Movieclips Trailers says

    If it chooses you, nothing can save you. Watch the first Teaser for Antebellum!

  2. Duke Temz says

    OMG Americans are obsessed with Slave movies and if it always gets this much viewership and investment then it's actually an addiction.

  3. eternal soul says

    2020 looks promising

  4. Manne Bedia says

    Get out of U.S before the war
    Get out 2017, US 2019, Antebellum 2020

  5. General Tso Joe Hayabusa says

    People complain that they’re tired of slavery movies when your kids both black and white need as much reference and context points as possible to keep from repeating history.

  6. Jossette Monroe says

    I hope Octavia Butler's estate is being paid for this. If not, what a ripoff of The Kindred! 🙁

  7. Deborah Fox says

    If we go back in time guys to 639 up to the 13th Century , we will be safe. The moors were in charge then, no one wants the control to fall back in the hands of the Dark Brown people. I don't know why because they brought Enlightenment to them.

  8. Dj Sickbeatz says

    These producers have an obsession with race. Not healthy with the growing divide in America. The ironic thing is they would probably consider themselves “progressives”.

  9. MizIron Box says

    CHILLS! 🥶

  10. TheTruthIsRacist says

    Bill Burr was wrong, White Guilt movies are not done with swimming, now it's time travel. "GET OUT OF THE TIME MACHINE!"

  11. Tosin O. says


  12. Charles Herndon says


  13. Gabriel Torres says

    Alex Haley said when challenged on the historical accuracy of roots “I tried to give my people a myth to live by.” This is exactly that. A lie for black people to live by. If we tell the truth we would also show black slave owners as well. For even blacks defended slavery as a matter of self-interest as slaveowners. And most black owners of slaves in the United States were members of their own families, there were thousands of other blacks in the antebellum South who were commercial slaveowners, just like their white counterparts.

  14. Reel Culture says

    Would love to give my take on this film cant wait till we do a review on that film

  15. Tristan Calderon says

    hmmmm, finnely a civil war horror movie starting of as slaves while confederates somehow time travel to the futur as well slaves

  16. J C says

    Why is this considered a horror movie?

  17. Rohan Pradeep says

    Does the house at 0:03 remind anyone of Big Daddy's house in Django Unchained? Or do all slave owners houses look like this?


    Wow Democrats In Hollywood are running out of “original ideas”

  19. Der Deutsche-Scotsmen says

    Ah yes let me guess, whites are the main antagonists in this "horror" right?

  20. Shay Gordon says

    I’m so proud to be western
    Slavery has been around forever but western civilizations ended slavery because we are a civilized people

  21. rosa west says

    This looks terrifying!

  22. Orlando David says

    My chest hurt looking at this.

  23. Rramans says

    This is literally the new Stephen King

  24. Rian Graves says

    This looks like terrifying horror greatness!!

  25. J. C. says

    The woman at 0:37 looks like Anita Baker.

  26. ScytheNoire says

    WTF is going on? I'm freaked out.

  27. Dw K says

    Roots meets the Shining ?

  28. Rhazael Ancheta says

    issa parallel universe

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