Crisis On Infinite Earths Official Trailer – Superman, Batman, The Flash Breakdown

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  1. Emergency Awesome says

    Here's my new Crisis On Infinite Earths Trailer video and Easter Eggs! Let me know how many you spotted! Here's my new Rick and Morty Season 4 Episode 3 video too

  2. ddm62571 says

    So looking forward to seeing Tom Welling back as Clark Kent/ Superman!

  3. Adam Blasucci says

    Probably kingdom come Superman will die. Mark Hamill as Joker will we see him

  4. Edward Kim says

    I’m more excited to see Brandon Routh as Kingdom Come Superman! He looks great and should’ve had a 2nd Superman movie!

  5. Chase Smith says

    I think it will end with Oliver becoming the Flash again and running into the speed force to save Barry and he ends up becoming the bolt of dark matter lightning that “chooses” Barry Allen just like Oliver said it did.
    The people of Supergirl’s Earth moving to Earth 1 because theirs gets wiped out.
    One of the Supermen dying (I think Kingdom)
    And the spinoff shows being HEAVILY thrown in our faces lol

  6. Ser Bronn Of Highgarden says

    budget looks lower than a 1960s dr who episode

  7. Billy Badass says

    The Anti-Monitor's Black???LMAO??? ok I'm DONE w/this ALREADY………

  8. TheVandolizm says

    This looks so bad

  9. Evan 6500 says

    It's gonna end the world and Barry's gonna dieeeeee

  10. youngblack253 says

    The person that we think is the Monitor is actually going to be the Anti-Monitor and Wells is goin to turn out to be the Monitor.

  11. carlos williams says

    Can't wait to see Tom back

  12. Willowy13 says

    Finally we are going to see the best Superman after Christopher, Tom Welling, wearing the suit… Oh wait!

  13. ally88350 says

    Oliver will die, Barry will live… legends will have to pick up the pieces, and Supergirl will go back to dealing with Lena Luthor

  14. Alejandro333777 says

    Wonder what happens to Tom's superman after episode 2

  15. Osvaldo Martinez says

    Flash is going to get killd

  16. Jay Obrien says

    More Smallville Superman!

  17. Salty Cringe says

    Maybe the Superman cape that’s torn like a flag is smallville superman faking his own death

  18. oh yeah yeah says

    I think there going to kill Superman from smallville wich we know he’s coming out for a little part

  19. James Rosoman says

    Lobby of Catgo or The Hall Of Justice but I the it might be Lexcorp/Star Labs as the Superman mysterious there's other possible candidate Supergirl or Superboy the youth Clack Kent the one from another earth?
    Will James Olson be the crisis both versions?

  20. Isaac Malcolm says

    DC shows > DC movies

  21. Al Bernard says

    Welling is the only one I care about. The rest of this is shit. Batwokewoman is awful. Smallville was a better show than all of these shows by a mile

  22. Stan Lee says

    AHHHH I CAN'T WAIT !!!!!

  23. Sameer Mod says

    Damn it man….how many Superman are there

  24. bt nonsense says

    Routh looks terrible. Sorry 😣

  25. Azra BH says

    Baby Superman is so 🥺🤗

  26. C33k0 C33k0 says

    Can anyone tell me what to watch before watching these episodes? I have only watched flash and arrow so far.

  27. gamekidg7 says

    -Either Brandon Routh or Tom Welling's Superman share an Earth with John Wesley Shipp's Barry Allen and/or Kevin Conroy's Bruce Wayne
    – Barry's "disintegration" into Speed Force is either a Time Remnant or him becoming the bolt of lightning that gave him his powers.
    -If Grant Gustin Barry doesn't die, it's because John Wesley Shipp's Barry takes his place.

  28. crazyman with a message Shadow Insane says

    I think it would end up with somebody else merging or some of the world's not being able to come back

  29. Jose Maria Mora Tejedor says

    What happened to batman? Idk anything about the serie dont judge me hahaha

  30. crazyman with a message Shadow Insane says

    So did you notice that when Iris disappeared she seemed to be in a wooded area

  31. Susan Stanko says

    Definitely not Earth-1 Batman's suit. Kate commandeered it for her suit.

  32. LoB clout says


  33. J Ibarra says

    Please reboot smallville

  34. Mark Ines says

    love this storyline of comics from the 80's…i remember owning the comic in which Superman is holding Supergirl in his arms

  35. Andy Leo says

    like how kara said they can still save the ppl atleast.. my theory is that her earth and other cw shows probably gets destroyed but most of the ppl are saved and are placed on earth 1, putting all the shows in one earth

  36. Every Day is Summer says

    It's crazy that crisis has been getting advertised so much I had no idea black lightning was airing episodes

  37. Rhys says

    What the hell is that thumb nail

  38. FailGag says

    The bad thing is that maybe we will not see tom welling in superman's suit

  39. VexusFrost says

    Dc shows are just so bad, is this actually worth watching? cgi and the suits totally take me out of it, theirs a lot of youtubers on here that could literally achieve the same quality.

  40. Nath The Yorkshire Pudding says

    FUCK YES!!!!!!! Might be an unpopular opinion but Rouths superman is one of my favourites.

  41. Rob Owen says

    Why did I stop watching these TV shows, I'm just going to hope I can watch the crossover without the other episodes

  42. james west says

    My best theory is that batman kills reverse flash and time gets fixed saving the flash

  43. LittleSilverOwl says

    Theory: The Monitor will be close to be defeated but will take everyones powers away and the Anti matter will start to take over but Nash WElls will figure something otu and save everyone…. Idk just my theory. Im subbed btw!

  44. bleunt says

    Why do they even bother with these shitty television shows?

  45. knucklez BZ says

    Tom Welling will for always be one of the best superman

  46. vampyr69 says

    It's so awesome seeing the comics I grew up with coming to both TV and the movies and being done right. These are good times we live in, my friends.

  47. Cody S says

    I think the monitor will kill the kingdom come Superman

  48. J Diaz says

    Man, I wonder if Michael Rosenbaum will be making an appearance as Lex Luthor as well

  49. Richard Feurer says

    So we done with watchmen just like that huh

  50. Tom's Reef says

    Look dumb as fuck.sound dumb as fuck lol dc je really down ..really really down..this série made me dont want watch any série. By çhange mandalorian his there To balance it all

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