Crisis on Infinite Earths – Trailer


Fonte: Canal do Youtube de The CW Network

  1. The This Guy Experience!!! says

    Eeeeew that means I gotta watch trash super girl just 2 see Tom Welling

  2. Rain says

    There’s one thing and one thing only that stood out from everything else .

    That millisecond Tom welling shot

  3. xoobo vola says

    Barry screaming Oliver gives me chills ah I’m not ready

  4. Aries Radke#6 says

    Superman looks weak. No Batman? Why does batgirl always look the same? Don’t girls like dressing different?

  5. sadr555 says


  6. AmarH says

    "Let's go save the universe". Shut up Batwoman

  7. breemarie123 says

    This is basically Endgame but for the Arrowverse, looks good though

  8. Stephen Nguyen says

    Well now looper will stop talking about avenger endgame and will now have hundreds of videos on crisis on infinite earths

  9. SoundRoutine says

    Stopped watching seasons ago out of frustration.. Amell and Ollie will always have a special place in my soul

  10. Keyboard Warrior says

    "Might lose the planet but we might save the people." I think something wrong with that line.

  11. Tahsin Ahmed says

    Wheres tom welling in this trailer 😢

  12. Jt parker says

    I just seen iris die bruh

  13. Jesse Holt says

    im only here to see Tom welling come back, that is all

  14. Thinh Can says

    DC: Endgame

  15. Ernesto Salceda says



    “We might lose the planet, but we can still save the ppl”

  17. okow tina says

    Barry screaming Oliver gives me chills ah I’m not ready

  18. DexTheDog says

    10 years later we get final crisis XD

  19. C3M3 says

    Not gonna lie, best part of the trailer was the batsuit

  20. Vishnu KC says

    This better be Good… 🙏

  21. JaiWitDaBag says

    Who’s watching this after watching the new episode of flash? 😂😂

  22. Raheem Gilliam says

    Seeing Iris die brings me joy

  23. Econ Rise says

    So Is Batman Confirmed?

  24. Lyrical master says

    Arrow 💛

  25. Petey Piptendo says

    I hope the CGI is good.

  26. Tyler is Gay Af says

    Earths evaporating. – earth 2 billion ppl eh.

  27. tebow fitness says

    I'm more excited to see the smallville cast again

  28. Adam Gulick says

    Brandon Routh's superman does it again. Sometime he'll deliver a line that makes an impact on the show or movie.

  29. mixio hili says

    Right so I got a feeling Kara’s earth dies

  30. Jasygirl Crow says

    I can clearly say that I am EXCITED and seriously obsessed
    How many times have I seen this trailer
    I keep replaying it

  31. iSrGustavö 4i20 says


  32. Oscar Gaming channel says

    Welp ima get bad grades cuz I’m going to watch this everyday lol

  33. Slade Wilson says

    arrowverse crossovers > MCU crossovers

  34. zack scarborough says

    All I can say is it's going to be really sad to how they end arrow I kinda hope the timeline is somehow altered and Oliver gets to live happy ever after but there is also a side of me that thinks his story should end in a huge blaze of glory sacrificing himself so everyone can live on

  35. idk actually says

    wait why is kara sad about earth 73?? i thought she lived on earth 38

  36. Kyle Reid says

    Song is amazing

  37. Spidey Viewer says

    I'm so not ready for this.

  38. Gamlet Gevorgyan says

    0:08 aaaaaaaaaaa SMALLVILLE !!!
    Somebody saaaave meeeeee…!!!

  39. free american says

    Looks like crap the cartoon was way better

  40. Kaiju Gaming says

    This looks horrible lol

  41. Lorenzo Smit says

    This is the live action Justice League we deserved

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