MIRACLE WORKERS: Dark Ages Official Trailer (2020)

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Fonte: Canal do Youtube de ONE Media

  1. david alford says

    Hey TBS. I'm not getting cable so figure out another way to sell this to me.

  2. Shmacked Muffins says

    Death of Stalin: Medieval edition.

  3. Sean O'Brien says

    I thought it’s was goner be a another horrible history’s thing.

  4. Wizard Scramble says

    is this a multiverse of harry potter?

    wait can we have harry potter multiverse movie?

  5. K P says

    Dark humour is his thing…

  6. Pandas are cool says

    I'll watch for Steve Buscemi.

  7. Rahul R. Sharma says

    Loved the previous Miracle Workers show, I think I am going to love this one as well 🙂

  8. MDSsystems says



    ? goúd?
    👁wanna c it👍🏾🌿🔥.
    Thx u🙌🏿😤💀♎..

  10. Ri says

    Such a good actors! Incredible!
    Waiting already

  11. De Von says

    Oh men… I haven't seen anything Daniel Radcliffe's done since Harry Potter that I've liked…such a shame

  12. Chomag says

    But will Daniel Radcliffe show his dick?

  13. Anime Territory says

    Wow! I'm actually Lott excited for this one

  14. Julie Aubut Gaudet says

    This looks funny!!

  15. Matthew Mendez says

    I thought this show was just a one-time thing?

  16. ChrisDavidLo says

    Galavant Returns?

  17. o12 hu12 says

    0:39 Indians/South Asians and Dark Ages?? WTF

  18. Petr Havel says

    It's been a real fun filming Dark Ages (I'm one of the extras).
    Daniel Radcliffe and Steve Buscemi are great guys. 😉

  19. Darlene Timbol says

    this looks like it is going to be hilarious 😀

  20. Ladiesman1447 says

    So this is like Black Adder; same cast in different time periods?

  21. Logan Hancock says

    Feels like every winter,all the cool stuff starts airing/hitting the theaters

  22. Bekah says


  23. Kammler says

    Why are there brown people in middle ages Europe?

  24. DimaSTR says

    You're a king, Harry.

    Imma wot?

  25. Castle says

    I'm happy the universe get a second season

  26. John Bainivanua says

    Cool!! I was kinda sad that this was only gonna be 1 season.. but now😍😍

  27. skimven4242564 says

    can we please stop always making HP references? poor guy has done so many great things and keeps coming at us with really interesting new projects and roles and we deny him so feedback & credit for that by always reminding him of HP

  28. Jc Parker says

    Every time you see Daniel, it’s always Harry Potter mumble jumble.

  29. sxllyreds says

    Harry Potter being the headmaster of hogwarts

  30. vahid saiyad says

    harry goes nuts

  31. Ste Ven says

    Harry potter and Dupinder…no doubt it will a fun ride to watch this season..

  32. FuturisticHub says

    Harry Potter gonna get burned at the stake now he's in the medieval ages. RIP 🙁

  33. ArtemisScribe says

    Dan really picks the most incredible projects. I'm never bored when I watch something he's in. He's just fearless. It's like if Stanley Tucci got more leading roles.

  34. Oscar Regino says

    Harry Potter has beed isekai to be rulel on that kingdom

  35. sefa doe says

    MY KIND OF HUMOUR😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂👍🏿

  36. Yorick El Bufón says

    Mister Radcliffe was in "Rosencrantz and Guildenstern are Dead" at the Old Vic. He was brilliant. He is a real actor who has been training constantly and you can REALLY notice that on a theatre stage!

  37. Tane Thomas says

    So we have a Wiley and Harry Potter team up haha I like it

  38. Snehal says

    Pick up your wand Harry!


  39. Kekistani Help Desk says

    Full of tokens and quotas.

  40. Stephen Murphy says


  41. S.M.G.21 says

    Why are there Indians in Medieval England?
    Oh Right, Forced Diversity.

  42. RandomlyRJ says

    Holy crap, this looks even better than the first one! I know it's not a musical but I instantly remembered Galavant.

  43. Qhay May says

    I see I watch

  44. Vanraj vannu006 says

    Why just why?
    he is better than this

  45. azizul aziz says

    Genre comedy ?

  46. Jean Bethencourt says

    Daniel Radcliffe is a Jew.



  48. riccardo castiglioni says

    I feel kinda bad for Daniel: he's a good actor, but for at least another 10 years with anything he might do people will go "Look at that Harry Potter-man go!"

  49. SnyFlemFilms says

    Does he say Harry or Henry?? Can't tell.

  50. Kevin Gomolchak says

    So it's the same actors, but an entirely different story, separate from season 1?

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