6 Underground Trailer (2019)


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  1. Alex Victorine says

    Well if this isn't the most Michwal Bay trailer than I don't know what is.

  2. Ben Coughlan says

    Michael Bay? Best be ready for a lot of explosions

  3. nistel SE says

    michael bay, the island 2 please, and not this seen-this-a-zillion-times-before cartoon.

  4. gart 97 says

    I hate the scene but I want to watch the movie because Ryan Reynolds

  5. patrick freeman says

    Who needs a plot, when you have explosion and a car chase? Another plotless movie

  6. Liam Crowell says

    I really want to see this

  7. K O says

    why was blonde dude on top of that building just to run down it..?

  8. Igyzone says

    In this video:
    Car chase, guns, explosions

    Plot summary:

  9. BrasilianoLS says

    That is one invisible a** car, not even one scratch…

  10. Hamaa7 says

    I bet Ryan just did this movie to get some material for his jokes

  11. mherzog21 says

    I don’t think Deadpool can save this film from being terrible … but maybe that’s the point … beautiful people showing us how much opulence there is and we cannot have it because of our poverty and ugliness.

  12. Mohammed Saif Islam says

    Michael Bay can’t stop using those sparkling blasts whenever something blows up. Why does it always have to be like that? 😂

  13. Dan Mason says

    1:08 – exactly how I feel watching this trailer

  14. Ginake says


  15. LVRY says

    Are they gonna be in the car for the whole film ??

  16. Drbs says

    It's weird how a trailer has a single car chase that's being focused rather than a montage of different scenes.

  17. Marvel DC says

    Parcore fans are gonna like this film lol

  18. Hasan Rafi says

    does Michael Bay has some sort of heavy-tech private army???!!!

  19. TragicOn DaBeat says

    Fast and the furious please take tips from this movie

  20. Satyajit Sahu says

    Which car is that

  21. Justin Kelley says

    Is this part of the fast and furiverse?

  22. Derick Mcfail says

    Another one 🗑

  23. Adventure HQ says

    Wait this is like the movie called hitman bodyguard

  24. KUYA says

    While watching i was thinking ohhh my no explosions…..1:25 forget what i saidXD

  25. raj shah says

    Is it NFS Underground?
    Whatever I am up for some Michael Bay movie, it's about time.

  26. Yash J says

    This was all from 1 chase scene. Most trailer show the whole fuckin movie. I am happy

  27. Photosounder says

    I came to see if the Sneaker Pimps were in the trailer, was disappointed.

  28. PresidentialWinner says

    YES! "Not the David! NOT THE DAVID!"

  29. HallyuOtaku says

    Bad Boys for Life : we don't want Michael Bay, we want another director.
    Michael Bay : fine then, I'll just make another Bad Boys movie.

  30. Donni Manicotti says

    but no

  31. Timber Wolf says

    Ok, I did not feel from that what the synopsis tells me. At all.

  32. safrudin ali says

    What the hell michael bay

  33. AndyTHX1136 says

    looks dumb

  34. Wilfredo Gonzalez says

    I can tell it was directed by michael bay.. lol

  35. Alphonse Sophia says

    Im feeling car sick from watching this

  36. Skullputra says

    can't see clearly with this shaking cam and explosions everywhere

  37. LE0NSKA says

    he makes the same movie every time. even when he is not.

  38. Daniel Burris says

    Just as Venice is sinking extra fast.

  39. gnarly441 says

    Wtf kind of trailer is this??

  40. Bilal Khan says

    Italian cops were on holidays

  41. Gyani Admi says

    More then movie I always like yo watch Michael Bays' movie trailers.

  42. abu thibu says

    Transformers featuring Ryan Reynolds

  43. General Aladeen says

    American movies are number waaaaaaan

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