Trolls 2: World Tour – 5 Minutes Trailers (2020)


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  1. Lovely Rhonda says

    To be honest I hope rock wins just being honest

  2. 가브리엘이단 says

    2:57 wait, didn't Branch threw that thing in the fire?

  3. 가브리엘이단 says

    2:57 wait, didn't Branch threw that thing in the fire?

  4. mibrasquad 14_ says
  5. Catty :/ says

    Guess what! My tia loves trolls and the movie is on her bday!

  6. Liam Legendary says

    Why don't the goblins just eat the rock trolls?

  7. SaiKiran Kumar Tangirala says

    song name please? 0:24

  8. Notscripted HD says

    Fuck trolls

  9. A S says


  10. Ксюша Ананасик says

    0:49 dancehall??

  11. pbpoka says


  12. Jorge Martinez says

    Wait if it’s 6 strings which is classical, country, rock, funk, heart, and techno. What’s hip hop and smooth jazz? Is it actually 8 strings

  13. Pineapchu UwU says

    0:56 honestly the best character

  14. HazyPuffz says

    Whats the guitar solo name Barb does? 3:03

  15. Amelia shefer says

    Does anyone know the song that starts around 1:44

  16. SourMoon Gaming says

    Wish rock trolls never went for techno wish they went for trunk and techno friendly

  17. Shima Enaga says

    There going to ruin Daft Punk… I love Daft Punk and now people will think im weird because "It came from the Trolls movie"
    Im mad.

  18. Narciso Canaviri says

    Para cuando la peli 😀

  19. Ian BW says

    I hope the rock trolls win

  20. The Martín Fam says


  21. Helkat The cat says

    Meh, can’t say this movie interests me much, but I like the design of the techno trolls.

  22. Please Donthateme says

    Wow these trolls are sexist. So if there is gonna be rock in the troll world, thats evil?

  23. Алина Макеева says


  24. Chairman Libertarian says

    Remember another movie called Trolls 2?

  25. Arihana's channel says support our channel

  26. Mitchel Onyembi says

    Tiny diamond is my nigga😂

  27. Jesse White says

    Everyone: LoL iT's LiKe InFiNiTy WaR/eNdGaMe BuT wItH tRoLlS hAhA
    Me: mcelroys McElroys McElroys McElrOYS MCELROYS MCELROYS MCELROYS MCEL-

  28. A Chicken Dad says

    Could Branch be a rock troll? He’s so much more intense than any of the other trolls- and his colors are dark like all the other rock trolls.

  29. skeletalmixer101 says

    Sucks that techno troll is gonna get overshadowed by tiny diamond

  30. CoolDJGav37 says

    This is completely does infinity war is endgame combined into a child movie this is a rip off not excited for this movie

  31. Beats Box says

    Rock sucks a little

  32. Maynor Morales says

    Umm when my brother first saw poppy he cried so loud he hates poppy

  33. The Ashman says


    And now we know That Barb will end up collecting all the strings.

  34. Anthony Downhill says

    trolls string war

  35. ZEARO 456 says

    No touche pas mon profil

  36. Oana Durac says

    Ppeeeeeeeeee peeeeeee

  37. Isabella Martinez says

    I thought branch was cheerful and not black haired after the first movie

    Did no one notice that?

  38. Danielplayz6666 Gacha says

    Bart : bro :me YOU SUCK AT MINECRAFT

  39. The Chan Channel T.C.C says

    Trolls: Infinity War

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