Spies in Disguise | Super Secret Trailer

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Fonte: Canal do Youtube de 20th Century Fox

  1. ThatGuyLogan says

    ahh thats hot 1:08

  2. Pengguna Google says

    Trailer score:94%

    I can't wait for this movie.

  3. Samuel lee says

    Hi will smith and tom holland i am ur fan


    hinde vice

  5. Angeltastic games says

    Will Smith

  6. Ijaz Gamer says

    Literally everyone in the comment section : That's hot

  7. Jan Loc says


  8. Watergirl Blue says


  9. Eowyn Seymour says

    Ah that's hot.

  10. Eowyn Seymour says

    Does Walter even know how to drive!?!

  11. Mercvry says

    "That's hot"

    Everyone: HE SAID IT OH MY GOD!!

  12. Dusty Flygon says


  13. Lucas York says

    Is it just me or is there a lot of Will Smith content coming out?

  14. Becca Gregory says

    Let's Get Weird

  15. FlannelCat says

    Me: watching trailer peacefully
    Will Smith: t h a t s h o t
    Me: immediately goes to comments

  16. Tyler Knutson says

    Wanna bet the thumbnail is the last shot of the movie

  17. Luigi Marinus Gaming says

    0:40 pidgeon: wow!

  18. Mrmcam 05 says



  19. Sailor yanderebaby says

    The birds work for the bourgeoisie

  20. Peridot Cheese3 says

    Title: Super Secret Trailer
    Me: well you just revealed so it's not a secret anymore is it fox but it looks good

  21. Seth Watters says

    Cartoon version of spiderman

  22. Alex C says

    Is it just me, or are the voices just too recognizable

  23. Varietyyy says

    and then / you / turned me / into / a pigeon

  24. Thomas Burkhart says

    “ah yeah, that’s hot”

  25. Nate Olsen says

    Agent j : let get weird

    Spider man : Boom!

  26. Kylie The Little Spider-Man Girl says

    I’m so friggin excited for this movie!!!

  27. Max Ramos says

    When does this movie come out I feel marketing has been going on for 3 years

  28. ramona flowers says

    I can't unhear Peter Parker.. So this is just Will Smith and Peter Parker being spies to me.

  29. Hikari Naru says

    L loop da L B HE SAID THE THING

  30. E105_Alpha says

    Will Smith looks like he’s having a good time in this film more than the cruddy Aladdin 2019.

  31. Mickle says

    Don’t forget Tom Holland. He in this movie too.

  32. Shadow Master says

    Literally would have been better with out the bird thing

  33. MAKMagic says

    TF2 in a nutshell

  34. Mystical Keyblade says

    All I see is peter Parker becoming a spy with Will Smith

  35. Anita Prince says

    Will Smith is not the pigeon, the pigeon is Will Smith

  36. หน่อง' เอิร์ท says

    I'm so good job i'm better venom
    I love spies in guise love
    Will smith
    Tom holland

  37. Julian Montgomery says

    This actually looks really good

  38. DOODLEBOY 07 says

    1:08 YAYYYYYY

  39. Tani Sokoya says

    I really hope this version of Then There Were Two is on the soundtrack. 🙏🏾🙏🏾

  40. Isaiah Wilson says

    Spider-Man teams up with US hero Agent Hancock.

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