Cats Trailer #2 (2019)

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  1. Movieclips Trailers says

    This Christmas, many will compete, only one can win. Watch the new Trailer for Cats!

  2. Myk Ryos says

    I hope a giant cucumber makes a cameo.

  3. El Chico Pollo says

    P*nches furros

  4. Talk2Gibbons says

    I’d recon 90% of the comment section hasn’t seen this play or knows anything about it. What do they want real cats? It’s the hate mob jumping on their next target. This movie is coming out in December the same day as SWROS. It’s not gonna make very much money nor is it suppose to. I’m gonna see it and I’m excited.

  5. Talk2Gibbons says

    What do people want? Real Cats? People in cat costumes (like the play)? This is like a mix of the two and I think it looks fine.

  6. WishMaster2013 says

    This looks scary

  7. echolot says

    sorry idris, but this disqualifies you forever from playing bond.

  8. Israel Vargas says

    Furries: the musical 🤣

    I'm allergic to cats anyway

  9. Ralphward458 says

    I can't wait for this to absolutely DESTROY Rise of Skywalker

  10. _moonlightbae_93 says

    Idc what y’all are saying. I actually like it and I’m excited ab this movie.

  11. Rose Harlan says

    I’m actually really excited for this like sign me up, give me the invitation. I’m ready.

  12. Jony Sins says

    I will watch the pirated version

  13. Grace Life Ministries says

    Oh dear God no!!!

  14. Aryan of God says

    Hollywood should be nuked for appealing to the furry people

  15. Branden And Ashley says

    Cat in The Hat (The Prequel) lol

  16. Vanessa Serrano says

    Taylor Swift got the part thinking she was going to look like Cat Woman instead looking like The Cat in the Hat 🙃🙃

  17. Neon Pink Productions says

    1:35 "I love it."
    Me: I don't..

  18. Melting Ice says

    This could have been a traditional animated movie like Princess and the Frog but nope. Instead, they gave us a horror movie.

  19. 133z782 says

    idk but like i kid you not this looks kinda good…. excited to see it

  20. STEP H says

    They still need more fluff on their cheeks imo. 🤷‍♀️

  21. Deja Vu says

    Total fail

  22. A horny Cat says

    Furries are going to make some hot hentai off of this

  23. michael lekis says

    Only people that are furries will see this movie

  24. Sean M says

    This played when I’m just trying to watch a video.Let’s not repeat past mistakes here..

  25. Alex says

    Its kinda weird and cool at the same time

  26. just just no says

    Sonic l

  27. Free Heart and Paw Necklace on my Profile says

    Wow gorgeous! 🐱🐾

  28. Earth Peak says

    Ahhhh My Eyesss

  29. Max Siqueira says

    Nothing can be worst than Joker

    Cats: hold my sand box

  30. Frεε Heart and Paw Necklace on my Profile says

    Such cute! 🐾

  31. butchdeadlift10 says

    God I hate Broadway. It comes up with such great art, but when it makes playful fluff it is MISTAKEN for great art……….and when it makes self indulgent crap IT IS STILL MISTAKEN FOR GREAT ART.

    Makes the pretentiousness of Batman in the Christopher Nolan movies look like Adam West self deprecation by comparison.

  32. Justin Wu says

    really should have make it as a horror musical..i would watch that..

  33. Jasson López says

    Veo muchos Furros en el cine :v

  34. Stephanie Evans says

    Everyone else here seems to hate it, meanwhile I’m legitimately excited and looking forward to seeing it.

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