SONIC: THE HEDGEHOG Trailer (2020)


Fonte: Canal do Youtube de KinoCheck International

  1. KinoCheck International says

    🗞NEWS: Now it's official, the design of Sonic will be updated in the final movie.
    Here is how we would love to see him ➤

  2. Carlos Luis says

    Movie producers plz stop messing up my video games 🤦🏽‍♂️

  3. D.O.A. says

    Who else came back after watching the new sonic trailer just to laugh at this sonic

  4. Deranged Crouton says

    boi they did it they fixed a disaster praise the lord


    Fans of sonic: is that all you got?

    Director: no but thank you for asking
    Director: releases new design

  6. Aaron C says

    Who else is watching this again after watching the new redesign 😂🤔

  7. Panadaol says

    I'm surprised Paramount actually took the time to change the design, kudos to them honestly.

  8. Jaiken900 Pflucker says

    Everyone there’s a costume of this version of sonic

  9. SpotTugBoat7057 Eck says

    I still respect some of the effort they put in

  10. Gabby Kofod says

    I hate that fucking actor ffs

  11. Luckydeez says

    Who is watching this after watching the new design of the sonic movie

  12. Jonathan Nuamah says

    At least the music is still good though!

  13. Jonathan Nuamah says

    Watching the old trailer in
    2019: Cringe
    2020: Even worse!!

  14. Ana Luiza says

    who is here after the new trailer?

  15. Volkan says

    This Trailer :
    +18⭕❌(Terrifying af)

    New Trailer :
    All ages 👏❤(cute af)

  16. Monet I. says

    I don't see what was wrong with this one. Yes, the new one looks better. When this came out, however, I didn't get what all the upset was about.

  17. yo boi shadow the hedgehog says

    Paramount : listens to fans

    Disney: we should do that

  18. ryan charles animation says

    Even after the redesign, Original Design Sonic still is the best creepypasta out there

  19. Twentywulf says

    The first sonic trailer was a marketing strategy,
    Trailer 1 : Introduce a really ugly looking sonic, for it to become a meme therefore reaching millions of more people through sharing (and PewDiePie also helped in promoting the meme as well).

    Trailer 2 : Showed a redesigned but Classic Sonic Look, and the trailer starts by showing sonic’s Eyes (for those who don’t know, The Trailer 1 sonic’s eyes became a huge meme) and also opens with sonic reIntroducing himself.

    This is Marketing and Hype Building genius.

  20. Sammy Wammy says

    Anybody else here because they changed the style of sonic?

  21. Bananer Pebble says

    Who’s here after the new trailer?

  22. Peter says

    I'll miss him! 😢

  23. WatchFix says

    I like to think there is a parallel universe out there somewhere that had to deal with watching this version instead, HA

  24. Dum boy Idk says

    It is November 12

  25. XxCaution_TacoBotxX says


  26. Tank305 Tv says

    Who’s here after new trailer

  27. HasselHoffman1234 says

    1:21 everyone’s reaction to this trailer

  28. That Banana says

    We get it you just got done watching the new Sonic movie trailor

  29. James Blacker says

    0:51 Damien Darhk resisting the urge to kill Jim Carrey.

  30. sonicspritemaker_ 532 says

    hey thats the fuckin 2019 movie >:c the 2020 trailer (i mean the #2 trailer) sanic is better 😀

  31. Dylan Iacona says

    this feels like a fever dream now

  32. Birdie 5 says

    Everyone here after Paramount euthanized this sad creature gimme a high five 🙋‍♂️

  33. Alpha God says

    Like if you’re comparing them

  34. Killer Boy Snap says

    Lets pretend this never happened at all.

  35. Euw lol says

    If u put this Trailer and The new Trailer together; then u would get the whole movie

  36. Homie Dodo bird says

    2019 Sonic Vs 2020 Sonic

    Who would win?

  37. Ronnell Dunlap says

    This sonic looks like Peter when he cheated on Jumanji

  38. Black Dog says

    Sonic looks better on the new trailer then this one

  39. Peridot says

    This is… ɹoɹɹoɥ

  40. Peridot says

    This is… ɹoɹɹoɥ

  41. Jahmaal Hall says

    Had to revisit this since they cleaned it up. What a good laugh now!

  42. Sean B says

    Edited the comment so you’ll never know how I got 0 likes👿

  43. Merry_dude_463 _ says

    1:00 2x😂

  44. Lazy Tortilla says

    It’s like an entirely different movie now

  45. James Gatz says

    This design is better. Fight me

  46. glazezboy says

    I'm still waiting for this to come out

    oh wait

  47. Unscrup says

    Who's here after the remake?

  48. Noah Maldonado says

    Let's be thankful this isn't a thing anymore

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